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Scream 2

ARMA 375
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Markus Schulz


One year ago, the living legend himself Markus Schulz released 'Scream', an album that smashed borders and forever solidified his irrefutable spot within the world of EDM. Earning the respect of his peers and enormous fan-base alike, 'Scream' showed the commitment this man has to leading the way in the genre he helped found, and deservedly brought home critical acclaim.

Never one to rest on his laurels and let the future come to him, Schulz set about the arduous task of compiling a whopping 17 track album with 'Scream 2', an undeniable opus from the well-established DJ and production mastermind.

Featuring a wide array of influences and collaborations, 'Scream 2' is as much a throwback to the powerful sound that catapulted Schulz to stardom in the early 00's as it is a challenge to today's top producers. This album is such a tremendous sonic achievement, that it will surely stand the test of time well into the future, reminding people years down the road of what commitment to quality sounds and feels like.

CD 1
1. Reloaded - Markus Schulz -
2. Revolution - Markus Schulz & Venom One - feat. Chris Madin
3. Blown Away - Markus Schulz - feat. Liz Primo
4. Remember This - Markus Schulz -
5. Erase You - Markus Schulz - feat. Lady V
6. Destino - Markus Schulz -
7. Muse - Markus Schulz - feat. Adina Butar
8. Dancing In The Key Of Life - Markus Schulz -
9. Lord Knows - Markus Schulz - feat. Liz Horsman
10. Fireworks - Markus Schulz & Klaus Goulart - feat. Paul Aiden
11. In The Shadows - Markus Schulz -
12. Make You Fall - Markus Schulz - feat. CeCe Peniston
13. Mango - Markus Schulz -
14. Mardi Gras - Markus Schulz -
15. Gravity - Markus Schulz - feat. Amy Kirkpatrick
16. Reflection - Markus Schulz -
17. Towards The Sun - Markus Schulz - with Rex Mundi

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Release Date Feb 21, 2014
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