Solarstone - Electronic Architecture 4



It’s been seven years - and some long ones at that - since Solarstone last designed and constructed an ‘Electronic Architecture’. While ‘EAs’ 1 thru ‘3' maintained a regular release pulse, with each year that followed 2014, the series’ absence has been felt evermore acutely.

Whilst never down to one factor, Pure Trance’s capturing of the scene’s zeitgeist, and the unchecked success that followed played no small part. Like ‘island’ (last year’s out-of-nowhere Solarstone LP), its return though is down to something far more appreciable. The last twelve months have brought a step change in electronic music needs and with ‘Pure Trance’ receiving a well-earned mix-sabbatical last autumn, it’s allowed the cultural time, space and climate for something many had consigned to Solarstone legacy. 

Aside from the pulsingly positive multi-coloured lights that emanate from within its cube, the ‘Arthitecture’ of the fourth ‘Architecture’ is visibly more brutalist & current-day resonant than its predecessors. Its musical remit though remains timelessly unchanged. Tonally & thematically, ‘EA4’ owns the equidistant middleground between the ‘Northern Exposure’ and ‘Renaissance’ albums. Never seeing the electronica-extremes of the former, nor quite as floor-intense as the latter, their progressivism hits the perfect median between.


Part 1.

  1. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Lament 
  2. Nick Silvestri - Little Things 
  3. Vincent Lewis - Pulse Train 
  4. Xabiso - Children of the Night (Reconstruction) 
  5. Andrei Zinca - Wildflower (Reconstruction) 
  6. V-Ti - Space Dogs (Reconstruction) 
  7. Passive Progressive ft. Sentient Mullet - Fluke (Reconstruction) 
  8. Forerunners – Sunreturn
  9. Solarstone - When I Dream (Kryder Remix) 
  10. Basil O'Glue & Nomas – Untold
  11. Solarstone & Bill McGruddy - Take Me On Your Flight (Acapella) 
  12. DISCO19 – The Sea of Stars (Reconstruction) 
  13. Solarstone - Pale Blue Dot 
  14. Lostly - We're Descending (Reconstruction) 
  15. Solarstone & Orkidea - Slowmotion VI 
  16. Coredata - 94 (Reconstruction Part One) 

Part 2.

  1. Coredata - 94 (Reconstruction Part Two) 
  2. MK8 – Breathe 
  3. Men-D - Dropped by the Gods (Reconstruction) 
  4. Stowers & Cooper ft Brooke Woods - Shattered Skies (Acapella)
  5. Alucard – Midway 
  6. Gary Afterlife - Wavering Light (Reconstruction) 
  7. ZOYA - Bright Star (Reconstruction)
  8. Shadow Realm - Other Side of the Sky 
  9. Martin LeBlanc – Lagom 
  10. Glynn Alan – Limitless 
  11. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Kyoto (Reconstruction) 
  12. Macker - Lost in Space (Simon Bostock Remix) 
  13. Stoneface & Terminal - Lose My Need (Reconstruction) 
  14. Solarstone & Dreams of Wires – Equilibrium 
  15. Alucard – Phoenix 

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