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Mando Diao’s seventh album, Aelita, is the first ever popular music album to be released in Auro-3D® sound, alongside Stereo and 5.1 mixes. This revolutionary format is the next generation in audio, marking an exciting leap forward from standard Stereo and Surround sound by adding the missing “Height” dimension around the audience, surrounding the listener in a cocoon of sound and creating a natural 3D listening experience.

The Auro-3D® alongside Stereo and 5.1 mixes mix was created by Ronald Prent at Wisseloord studios in the Netherlands and the album is mastered by Darcy Proper, 9 times Grammy Award Nominated and 3 times Award winner as well.

The extra mixes can be heard on the band’s Pure Audio disc, which
can be played back via Blu-rayTM, or via the Auro-HeadPhonesTM mix of the album and any standard headphones. Until recently, this innovative format had only been available in professional digital cinema, but now the Auro-3D® format has been used to natively mix new music to give the listener the most immersive, life-like sound possible, creating a higher emotional experience.

When given the Russian synthesizer Aelita, Gustaf and Björn found inspiration with the endless possibilities the instrument provided, from pulsating bass, to delicate arpeggios. As song writers the duo are always productive and they set about using the electronic sounds as parts to existing material and also created new song ideas. Björn and Gustaf are know to have an interest in electronic, dance and Hip Hop music and with their experience as DJ’s and producers they brought a new dimension to the collaboration with Björn Olsson with whom they wrote the core of what would be the Aelita album.

They continued to work on the album during the unprecedented success of their first Swedish language album, Infruset, during 2013 that followed the first album from the artistic collective Caligola.  In late 2013 Veronica Ferraro started the final stereo mixing of the record while the band explored the visual expression the electronic and digital world could provide.

About Mando Diao

A lot has been written about Mando Diao; Sweden’s cockiest band, the endless touring, the international success, the fashion icons. The path from the first album “Bring’em In”, the pursing media feud with Kent, to having European radio’s most played song in 2009 has been a long and arduous adventure.
The statistics are an impressive resumé of productivity. Since 2002 Mando Diao has made 7 studio albums that have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The last album “Infruset” with the Swedish lyrics from poet Gustaf Fröding was a cultural phenomenon in Sweden, selling 4 x platinum and being number 1 for 17 weeks. In their career they have played more than 1500 concerts in more than 30 countries and are festival headliners across Europe. Their videos have become viral phenomena getting more than 15 million views on YouTube. They have release a B-side and Greatest Hits collections and even an MTV Unplugged album and DVD. Many contemporary bands have come and gone but Mando Diao has continued to reach new heights and re-define popular music.


1. Black Saturday

2. Rooftop

3. Money doesn’t make you a man

4. Sweet wet dreams

5. If I don’t have you

6. Baby

7. Lonely driver

8. Child

9. Romeo

10. Make you mine

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