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Moonbeam - The Secret ‘Live Edition’

Moonbeam - The Secret ‘Live Edition’

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Moonbeam's well received 2011 album release "The Secret", released on their own Moonbeam Digital imprint, sent ripples through the electronic dance movement. Described by the press as a, quote: "…atmospheric and epic artistic journey; at times haunting, minimal, and at times highly charged release…", the album symbolized brilliance in its cinematic scope and showed the duo's willingness to inhabit the realm where dreams and consciousness bleed into one.

Singles taken from the album, like "The Wanderer", "Sensitivity", "Excess" and "I Love Your Face" all immediately shot to the top of the charts and reinforced Moonbeam's devoted following almost instantly. Taking the concept of "The Secret" on the road, playing clubs of all sizes and the major European festivals, the Khaleev brothers took their sometimes dark, sometimes soaring sounds to the clubbing masses, sharing their cutting-edge EDM in a unique live edition.

"The Secret - Live Edition" DVD offers a captivating registration of Moonbeam's performances, successively recorded in Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Moscow and Feodosia, featuring a massive track list with hits like "Song For A Girl", "The Lilt", "Through A Fog", "Wanderer" and many others. Including an additional 10 bonus CD remixes, Moonbeam's "The Secret - Live Edition" DVD makes for a stunning 75 minutes of ecstatic swooning on the dance floor and represents Moonbeam’s affection for downright sensuous music; exactly as in their outstanding live performances.


DVD (Live):
01. Intro The Secret
02. Hills Folded In Mist (with Avis Vox)
03. Ghost
04. Wanderer (with Matvey Emerson)
05. In Your Eyes (with Blackfeel Wite)
06. Through A Fog
07. Daydream (with Leusin)
08. Storm Of Clouds (with Avis Vox)
09. Disappearance (with Avis Vox)
10. Song For A Girl (with Blackfeel Wite)
11. Secret
12. First Night (with Blackfeel Wite)
13. The Lilt (with Avis Vox)
14. 7 Seconds (with Avis Vox)

Bonus CD:
01. Disappearance (feat. Avis Vox) (Marsbeing Remix)
02. Daydream (feat. Leusin) (Eximinds Remix)
03. Sensitivity (feat. Tomomi Ukumori) (Soarsweep Remix)
04. I Love Your Face (feat. Fisher) (Sol Noir Remix)
05. Hills Folded In Mist (feat. Loolacoma) (Mars Needs Lovers Remix)
06. Wanderer (with Eitan Carmi feat. Matvey Emerson) (Progressiver Remix)
07. Ghost (Lowboys In The Dark Remix)
08. In Your Eyes (feat. Blackfeel Wite) (Ilya Soloviev Remix)
09. Excess (feat. Pryce Oliver) (Marsbeing Remix)
10. Disappearance (feat. Avis Vox) ( E-Spectro Remix)

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