If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You And I




A post study to BT’s critically acclaimed 2006 IDM/Classical masterpiece This Binary Universe, “If the Stars are Eternal so are You and I” leaves off where the “first major electronic work of the new millennium” ended. [Keyboard Magazine].
More than a sequel, #ITSAESAYAI is an exploitative work and extension of the techniques that inspired This Binary Universe.

Called by Apple “A virtuoso sound artist and a creator a new form of digital art”, BT’s #ITSAESAYAI weaves a intricate tapestry of soaring melodic figures cloaked in bleeding edge synthesis and signal processing techniques.
A rapturously beautiful, electronic symphony.


01. 13 Angels On My Windowsill
02. Go(d)t
03. Hymn [808]
04. Hikari
05. Seven-Hundred-Thirty-Nine
06. Our Dark Garden
07. The Gathering Darkness

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