Sign Of The Times Deluxe Edition (Limited copies available)



This De Luxe Edition of “Sign Of The Times” now comes with a stunning 15 bonus tracks, featuring outstanding, brand spanking new remixes, made by some of the best producers in Electronic Dance Music. Because of its limited availability, this one of a kind re-release of the superb “Sign Of The Times” is an absolute must have!

Cosmic Gate’s personal notes on the album:
"Our goal was to create an album that works on the dance floor as well as at home, when you simply want to listen and enjoy the music. We worked with many new and known singer/songwriters, who were inspired by our music, as much as their lyrical skills brought out the best in us. We think our progression is reflected in these new songs, and we hope the fans follow our musical development since "Earth Mover", and read the signs of the times”.


01. Open Your Heart ft. Tiff Lacey
02. London Rain
03. Flatline ft. Kyler England
04. Sign Of The Times
05. Under Your Spell ft. Aruna
06. Not Enough Time ft. Emma Hewitt
07. F.A.V.
08. Trip To PD
09. Only Time ft. Tommy Clint
10. Arctic Sunset
11. Body Of Conflict ft. Denise Rivera
12. Whatever
13. Seize The Day

CD 02
01. F.A.V. (Arty Remix) (Album Edit) (5:06)
02. Open Your Heart (featuring Tiff Lacey) (Steve Brian Remix) (Album Edit) (5:44)
03. Seize The Day (Cold Blue Remix) (5:05)
04. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Raver Rework) (Album Edit) (5:21)
05. Sign Of The Times (George Acosta Remix) (Album Edit) (5:01)
06. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Club Mix) (Album Edit) (5:56)
07. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Sied van Riel Remix) (Album Edit) (5:20)
08. Not Enough Time (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Andy Duguid Remix) (Album Edit) (4:11)
09. Sign Of The Times (Markus Schulz Remix) (Album Edit) (4:56)
10. Flatline (featuring Kyler England) (Kyau & Albert Remix) (Album Edit) (4:52)
11. Flatline (featuring Kyler England) (Wally Lopez Factomania Dub Remix) (Album Edit) (4:28)
12. Under Your Spell (featuring Aruna) (Myon & Shane 54 Monster Mix) (Album Edit) (5:15)
13. Under Your Spell (featuring Aruna) (Duderstadt Remix) (Album Edit) (5:35)
14. London Rain (New Club Mix) (Album Edit) (5:22)
15. London Rain (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) (Album Edit) (5:08)

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