Roger Shah - Magic Island Vol. 6

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He the man who’s always got his mind on summer… and summer on the mind! Eternal sun-chaser Roger Shah returns, front end of 2015’s hot season with a sixth spectacular day-through-night seasonal soundtrack-er: ‘Magic Island 6’ supplies seaside atmosphere and nitric, beach-bar grooves and latterly synth and vocal driven club elevation. Featuring 34 tracks, each expounding these ethics in their own way, the album includes a mass of new studio material from Roger himself, as well as many from his best know sobriquets and collaboration projects. In and amongst them is music from Brian Laruso, Chirstian Drost, Global Experience, Sunlounger as well as tracks from Dennis Sender, Michael Flint and a whole host of others.

Whether you be stretched horizontal on the beach or fully vertical club-side, ‘Magic Island 6’ is ready and waiting to pop the gateway open to summer.

Disc 1.

01. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis - Call Me Home (Magic Island Mix)
02. Brian Laruso & John James Renfrow - We Used To Know
03. Rogier Dulac - On The Beach (MI6 Edit)
04. Othon - Japan Suite (Brian Laruso's MI6 Edit)
05. Eve Belle & Brian Laruso - Solace (MI 6 Edit)
06. Raul Pablo Sanchez - Summa
07. Brian Laruso & Christian Drost - Lifeline (MI6 Edit)
08. Jukebox 80s - Stronghold (MI6 Edit)
09. Christian Drost - Colours Of Dawn (MI6 Edit)
10. Sunlounger - Sunkissed (Magic Island Mix)
11. Global Experience - Merina People (MI6 Edit)
12. Bob Memphis - Castelldefels (MI6 Edit)
13. Clarks - Navagio (MI6 Edit)
14. Static Bloom - Blue Above My Head
15. CJ Seven - Piña Colada (MI6 Edit)
16. Denis Sender - Ocean Dreams (MI6 Edit)
17. Ari Kyle & Audioscape featuring Simon Latham - Last Day

Disc 2. 

01. Zage featuring Ekaterina April - Summer Rain (MI6 Intro Edit)
02. Roger Shah & Aisling Jarvis - When You're Here (MI6 Club Edit)
03. Hamza Khammessi - Distant States
04. Dirkie Coetzee & Jan Johnston – Only The Beginning
05. Denis Sender - Shades Of Sunset (Club Mix)
06. Serge Macoveu - Hordaland (MI6 Edit)
07. Black Pearl - Bellagio (Roger Shah & Ralph Fritsch Original Mix)
08. Alex Ender & Sergey Brodovsky - The Road Has No End (MI6 Edit)
09. MST & Pacific Nation - Earth Above The Sun (MI6 Edit)
10. Yodis - Monolog (MI6 Edit)
11. Michael Flint & Stephanie Kay - Hide
12. Phil Dinner - Walking Away (MI6 Edit)
13. Kim Svard - Xanadou (MI6 Edit)
14. Max Roelse & Sunbrothers featuring Sarah Shields - Here With You (Uplifting Version)
15. Michael Flint - Refraction
16. Ronny K. & Eddie Sender - Genesis Two (MI6 Edit)
17. Pedro Del Mar & UDM - Boundless (MI6 Edit)

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