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Island Boogie


Rec El Canario – Island Boogie

Real El Canario is a ‘Hip Hop’ head and always looking fort he ‘Funk’ in every genre.

He grew up with funk, soul, hip hop and that made him a funkateer for life!

It was a challenge for Real El Canario to make a Funk album, is these times who are dominated by EDM.

But the Funk was in him and it just grew out of him.
His musical inspiration is Funk, Soul and R&B from the late 70s & 80s.

Real El Canario: “Walk Away is my fav, that disco calypso combo is my shit. Boogie Down is the extended club type of banger.. DJ friendly type of stuff. And The Heart Of The Groove is one I feel very proud of cuz of the message and the originality overall.”

1 (vinyl A1) Real El Canario – Walk Away (Extended Mix)

2 (vinyl A2) Real El Canario – Holiday 

3 (vinyl A3) Real El Canario – Live My Life
4 (vinyl A4) Real El Canario – Boogie Down
5 (vinyl B1) Real El Canario – Stop Fakin’ The Funk
6 (vinyl B2) Real El Canario – Bad MF
7 (vinyl B3) Real El Canario – The Heart Of The Groove
8 (vinyl B4) Real El Canario – Now That We’ve Found Love

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Release Date Sep 15, 2017
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