TasteXperience - Beyond The Horizon



After the release of 3 12" singles and the Flower Island E.P. (Black Hole CD25), Black Hole Recordings now is ready to release the debut album of U.K. based collective Taste Experience. Key members Russell Barker and Richard Cornish plotted their course around the planet, beachcombing distant shores for inspiration and guidance, resulting in a truly transglobal album.

Taste Experience has captured their audiences with an unyielding barrage of tunesso emotionally seductive, Beyond The Horizon will leave you with a warm feeling of well-being. Established in 1992, Taste Experience have released many singles and various E.P.'s through the years, with two most remarkable highlights, Summersault (originally released on Manifesto) and Highlander. Both these tracks have captured dancefloors around the world and have been caned by superstar dj's all over (Tiësto/Paul Oakenfold/Nick Warren). Beyond The Horizon marks their first full-length album of material, blending a tropical mix of ambient lounge music for the soul. Featuring such strong female vocals on Magic Tribe & Soul Good by Maria Nayler, who has recorded with DJ Sasha and Robert Miles, Taste Experience push the envelope with a total natural realization of sound. Also U.K. singer Natasha Pearl appears on 4 amazing vocal tracks. The band prides themselves in the evolution of their music over the years, resulting in live instruments used for recording, showcasing a wealth of organic voice, percussion, strings and wind instruments played live from the heart. Beyond The Horizon will lead you just beneath the sun to the edge of the world, where time stands.


1. Child of Life
2. Herb Boy
3. Magic Tribe
4. Soul Good
5. Keep on Moving
6. Tantrix
7. Spiritual Waves
8. Highlander
9. Summersault
10. Incarnate
11. Transformation
12. How do you sleep?

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