Dream By Daylight



Ton T.B. is one of these guys thats been around in the music industry forever. He's probably best known for his production work with Three Drives, being responsible for the massive clubhits Greece 2000, Sunset On Ibiza,Carrera 2 and Air Traffic. His tracks have been licensed to upfront international labels as Hooj Choons, Xtravaganza, VC Recordings and Vandit Records.Together with his partner in music, Erik de Koning, Ton T.B. has released his stuff under many different pseudonyms, such as Tangled Universe, Legal Traders, Three Drives and Fate Federation. 

At the beginning of his dj-career, Ton T.B. held various residencies in the Netherlands. Now he has played on major outdoor events DanceValley, Impulz Outdoor and Mysteryland. And has rocked established clubs as Club Space Miami , Turnmills London, Heaven London, Haoman 17 Jerusalem,Hotel Arena Amsterdam, Trance Club Heaven in Los Angeles and Privilege Ibiza. Ton T.B. Is signed to Black Hole Recordings for various projects. His track, Electronic Malfunction, was been hammered by Tiësto on his Tiësto In Concert event,and was released on  Black Hole Recordings. His single Dream Machine was played by Tiësto for months and features the vocals of Alexander Perls and was released including a remix of Marco V and Estuera. This track was even mentioned as Tune Of The Month in DJ Magazine.

Time for a change so Ton and Black Hole Recordings teamed up and decided a year ago that the time was right to start a solo project, resulting in this album named “Dream By Daylight”. “Dream By Daylight” is the result of a year of hard studio work. Ton succeeded to produce a DJ friendly album without loosing eye of the accessibility. 

“Dream By Daylight” still has the Trancy sound of Ton’s former productions. Eye-catchers of the album are tracks like “Jewels In Time” and “Trip Cancelled”, which will be the first single release of this album. Reactions from our DJ promotion pool have proven that Ton still has the ability to produce floorfillers. We expect the same result from the releases “Evolve As One” and “Tape Elements”. 
The release comes with a bonus disc which includes an exclusive 30 minute downtempo mix of the album tracks. Also the featured hits “Dream Machine (Marco V Remix), Static Bullit (Jochen Miller Remix) and “Electronic Malfunction” are included to complete your personal Ton TB collection.

CD 1:
1. Evolve As One (Budapest Mix) 
2. (So Much Better Than) The Real Thing 
3. Acid Submersible 
4. Rebirth 
5. Seadweller 
6. Sabotage 
7. Trip Cancelled 
8. Four Quattro 
9. Jewels in Time 
10. High and Healthy 
11. Tape Elements 

CD 2:
1. Unlock Your Dreams 
2. Silent Witness 
3. Electronic Malfunction 
4. Dream Machine 
5. Static Bullet (Jochen Miller Remix) 
6. Dream Mchine (Marco V Remix)

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