Tiësto - In Search Of Sunrise 3 (Panama)



In Search of Sunrise 3 is the third album in the In Search of Sunrise series mixed by Dutch trance producer and DJ Tiësto.


1. Noa Assembly - Into the Fire 
2. DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now [Grand Chillas Remix] 
3. Starecase - Faith [Loafer Remix] 
4. Andain - Summer Calling [Josh Gabriel Mix] 
5. Solar Stone - Solar Coaster 
6. Tremor - Meia Lua [Teve Gibbs Mix] 
7. DJ Tiësto - In My Memory [Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal] 
8. Argonaut - Your Body Is a Temple 
9. World Clique - Don't Do It 
10. Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd. [Shelley Mix] 
11. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun [DJ Tiësto Remix] 
12. Accesive Rhythm - Activate 
13. Way Out West - Mindcircus [Gabriel & Dresden Remix]
14. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes 
15. Jericho - Personal Reflexion 

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