Lyteo contains 14 beautiful songs; each overflowing with their own special emotion and is a combination of hard work, true ambition and teamwork.

Indeed, teamwork is the key word for Lyteo and sees Mr Sam collaborating with outstanding song writer Tim Coltrane along with further co-writes / appearances from Kirsty Hawkshaw, known for her work with Tiesto, BT and Way Out West; Rani from "Delerium"; Crash Course in Science; Shane 54, known for his remix work for Paul Oakenfold; and finally the incredible African singer 13OR. The albums title track and first single, Lyteo, has already hit the charts around the world and has been released through Maelstrom in the UK, Kontor in Germany and Black Hole Recordings in Holland / the rest of the world.

Mr Sam is currently one of the most sought-after remixers and respected dance artists. His humorous personality and creative & ambitious energy make him an enlightening artist to work with. He is known for his original point of view, innovative sound and often-unconventional approach to what makes great music.

2005 has been a great year for Mr Sam as DJ. Mr Sam was quite surprised to be voted number 159 in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100. "It's fantastic to hear it! I was at first very surprised and I want to thank all the fans, friends and music lovers who supported me. I dont like to give too much importance to rankings, but it is an important achievement for me" says Mr Sam.

Mr Sam is the 4th French DJ in the list, after Laurent Garnier, David Guetta and Antoine Clamaran. Also in 2005, the first album from Mr Sams Mojado project (together with Dimitri Andreas) was released as the first non-Tiesto artist album on Tiesto's own label, Magik Muzik. "Arena" has received huge critical acclaim from around the world, for its originality and drive and was recognised as being one of the most innovative dance albums of the year. Mojado created an album of club tracks that span a variety of sounds and styles without compromise. The objective is to bring back the thrill to the dancefloor. All the tracks from the "Arena" album have been released on 5 singles via Magik Muzik. The extremely limited 4X12 coloured vinyl edition of "Arena" sold out practically in one day!

Born in Tourcoing, France, in the mid 70s, Mr Sam had no escape from his parents own musically mixed cocktails of Giorgio Moroder and Klaus Schulze combined with a dash of Elvis Presley. Through this heavy involuntary dose of electronica & rock n roll, he developed an early fascination for squelchy synthesizer sounds and after buying his first Depeche Mode single in the mid 80s, he was firmly hooked. Mr Sams first remix was in 1999 for Diki Records (famed for "Age of Love") on Circuit Boys "The Door", a track which was heavily supported by Danny Tenaglia and Corvin Dalek both of whom went on to eventually remix "The Door" themselves. This remix was swiftly followed by remixes for Dillinger & Capone (on legendary label "MFS") and Timo Maass Mad Dogs.

Mr Sam showed his true remix potential with his now legendary wet & hard anthem, "Mr Sam's Acid Porn Star Remix" of Corvin Daleks classic, "Pornoground". Sam has accumulated a long list of more than 60 impressive remixes ranging from Sinad OConnor, Timo Maas, Delerium, Age of Love, Y-Traxx, D-Note, Maria Naylor, Praga Khan, Corvin Dalek, Niels Van Gogh, Todd Terry, Kay Cee and many others.

Mr Sam has pioneered his own musical style DJing since 1995 at many clubs & parties in France & Belgium. His striking good looks and eclectic DJ style drew huge attention making a name for himself through the mid-90s as one of the key catalysts of the French and Belgian nightlife scene, DJing in renowned clubs like La Rocca, Tour & Taxi, Pacha, La Bush and Lagoa alongside DJ legends such as Carl Cox, Nalin & Kane, Robert Miles, Luke Slater and Misstress Barbara.

After signing to Magik Muzik, Mr Sam was invited to DJ in some of Europe's biggest venues and has recently played in clubs in East Asia (Jakarta - Indonesia) and the Middle East (Beirut - Lebanon). Mr Sam is not content with simply DJing though as he also performs live sets with Dimitri Andreas, as Mojado. Their live performances have proved a resounding success at events like Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, Matrixx and Powerzone.

In 2006 Mr Sam will be presenting his "Lyteo World Tour" to promote the debut solo album Lyteo on Black Hole Recordings. Please check for more info.

1. Insight (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Acoustic For Sam)
2. Split (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Jonas Steur Remix)
3. Smeya (feat. Tim Coltrane)
4. Lyteo (Rank 1 Remix)
5. Lodestar (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Arcane Science Re
6. Secret (feat. Rani)(Dudestadt Dub Mix)
7. Lost & Found (feat. Shane 54)(Shane 54 vs. Orange
8. Insight (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Mr Sam Interpretat
9. Split (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(T4L Remix)
10. Neo Vulcan (T4L Vulcaneo Remix)

1.Lodestar (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Jay B Remix) 
2 Me & You (feat. Rani)(Dimitri Andreas & Madox Remi
3 Split (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Mr Sam Interpretatio
4 Learning To Fly (feat. Rani)(Orange Project Remix)
5 Insight (feat Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Orange Project Remi
6 Secret (feat. Rani)(Davy Van Eynde Remix)
7 Insight (feat Kirsty Hawkshaw)(ATB Remix)
8 Split (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)(Aly & Fila Album Rem
9 Flying Around (feat. Crash Course in Science)(Moja
10 Lyteo (Rank 1 Remix)(Jonas Steur Edit)

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