Watch The World [Deluxe]



Roughly a year-and-a-half after the release of Markus Schulz' acclaimed Watch The World album (which scored a #1 spot in the U.S. iTunes album dance charts), a period in which the release spawned many radio and dancefloor hit songs, Black Hole Recordings is proud to bring you the final chapter in the #WatchTheWorld story: Watch The World [Deluxe].

This difference of this new edition compared to the original release is twofold. Disc 1 features all the Extended Mixes of the original tracks, plus a brand new unreleased song: New York City [Take Me Away], a club anthem with songstress Adina Butar. Disc 2 features the 12 best remixes of Watch The World songs, 10 of which are exclusive to this edition. Check out fresh remakes by the likes of Standerwick, Gai Barone, We Rabbitz, Fisherman & Hawkins and many more... #WatchTheWorld.


Disc 1. Extended Mixes

01. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) 

02. Destiny (featuring Delacey) 
03. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) 
04. Leaving LA (featuring Nikki Flores) 
05. Fears (with Kyau & Albert) 
06. Facedown (featuring Soundland) 
07. Waiting (Extended Mix) 
08. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) 
09. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) 
10. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) 
11. New York City [Take Me Away] (featuring Adina Butar)

Disc 2. Remixes.

01. In The Night (featuring Brooke Tomlinson) (4 Strings Remix) 

02. Love Me Like You Never Did (featuring Ethan Thompson) (Standerwick Remix) 
03. Destiny (featuring Delacey) (Dream Sequence Remix) 
04. A Better You (Daxson Remix) 
05. I Hear You Calling (featuring CAYO) (JackLNDN Remix) 
06. Let It Rain (featuring Helen) (Artisan Remix) 
07. Facedown (featuring Soundland) (Solarstone Pure Mix) 
08. Waiting (Gai Barone Remix) 
09. You And I (featuring Adina Butar) (Dawn Remix) 
10. Watch The World (featuring Lady V) (Claus Backslash Remix) 
11. Summer Dream (featuring Mia Koo) (We Rabbitz Remix) 
12. Favorite Nightmare (featuring Delacey) (Fisherman & Hawkins Remix)

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