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All Hail The Silence - Daggers (Vinyl)

All Hail The Silence - Daggers (Vinyl)

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All Hail The Silence are sharing their debut CD, ‡ (DAGGERS), with the world on today. To close out 2018, they shared the new video for their recently released single, titled, "Temptation," in an exclusive premiere with BlackBook. This led to the duo being featured in a New York Times playlist, which noted, "Knobs, keyboards, monochrome monitors galore. Analogue synthesizer geeks should thrill to this video." Prior to "Temptation," the duo shared "Diamonds In The Snow" via an exclusive interview with Billboard.

With as much of hat tip to the past as the future, All Hail The Silence delivers a swan song of a triumphant, unapologetic, next-gen electronic music album that captures the essence and angst of 80’s teenage coming of age. Without a computer in sight, this record was recorded in a basement in Baltimore, Maryland at an analogue enthusiasts palace of modular synthesizers. This is not a record of plugins and tape approximations. No computers were used in the recording of this album. It was crafted using step sequencers and modular/analogue synthesizers; straight to tape. The result of their collaboration is a heavy rotation album awash in analogue swagger.

Together as All Hail The Silence GRAMMY®-nominated composer BT and triple-platinum British singer/songwriter, Christian Burns has forged a stellar debut album that resonates with shimmering 80‘s authenticity. Awash in soaring vintage electronics, massive pop hooks and glittering analogue warmth, this seasoned, timeless synth-outfit blurs stylistic and musical boundaries like their heroes Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Human League and New Order did in the 80s. BT and Burns have quite literally crafted an album that sounds like it fell straight out of 1983. 

BT wildly heralded as an electronic music pioneer and is frequently described in terms such as “All that electronic music can be: expansive, beautiful, enveloping and oh yes, human,” (Billboard Magazine), provides the intricate, meticulously crafted analogue synthwave symphonies. Christian Burns, one of the most in-demand voices in dance music, offers his seasoned vocals reminiscent of The Killers and Blue Nile in the same breath. Burns has number one hits with Tiësto and Armin van Buuren and is a member of the beloved multi-platinum band BBMAK.


Side I
1. Stand Together (6:55)
2. Temptation (5:22)
3. Talk (6:22)
4. The Alarm (7:31)

Side II
1. Diamonds In The Snow (5:55)
2. Looking Glass (7:23)
3. Massacre (6:56)

Side III
1. English Town (6:56)
2. Broken Satellite (7:59)
3. Black and White (6:34)

Side IV
1. Video(6:21)
2. City Lovers (5:39)
3. Safety In Numbers (4:55)
4. Time (3:35)

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