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Zoo Brazil - Any Moment Now

Zoo Brazil - Any Moment Now

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Zoo Brazil releases artist album “Any Moment Now”

Grammy and BRIT Award nominated Zoo Brazil, also known as John Andersson, has released over 160 singles and 8 albums under various monikers. Throughout his career John has steadily carved out a reputation for himself as one of dance music's most innovative and respected producers and DJs. As a follow up to his last album "Please Don't Panic" and the mix compilation "Songs For Clubs” from last year, Zoo Brazil now presents his brand new artist long player entitled "Any Moment Now".

John has seen much success as producer and songwriter with Kylie Minogue’s hit "The One" for her Grammy nominated 2007 album “X”. Zoo Brazil’s 2010 artist album “Please Don’t Panic” drew attention all over the world and harvested the hit singles “You Can Have It All” and “There Is Hope”; the latter was picked up for a L’Oréal and Dermablend “Go Beyond The Cover” commercial on Youtube where it became an instant success, leading to over 26 million views (and counting) and various awards. Besides having produced music for HBO series like “Nip/Tuck”, MTV and countless other programs, 2012 also marked the year in which Zoo Brazil was assigned to write three compositions for the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games. As a remixer he also worked for Lana Del Rey, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Rex The Dog, James Holden, Pleasurekraft, Sebastien Leger, John Dahlback, Green Velvet, Human League and many, many others.

Travelling across the world as a highly acclaimed DJ, Zoo Brazil performed in established clubs including Ministry of Sound, Space and Pacha, and played all the major venues and festivals in Australia, Europe, USA and South America. All these travels eventually gave John the inspiration and motivation to begin working on a brand new artist album. What was most important for John however was to deliver a high quality track list that would keep the release interesting from start to finish.

When asked about the recording process during the sessions of “Any Moment Now”, John said: “For this album I only worked with vintage gear and classic analogue synths that I played live instead of programming them. It gives the entire structure of all songs a warm, human touch. It’s still an electronic dance album, obviously, but I wanted to avoid big room melodies and vocals. My goal was to turn “Any Moment Now” into a timeless piece of work. I hope that five, ten or even fifteen years from now, the music is still as fresh, original and danceable as it is now; just like an album I would listen to myself still. You just know that it’s amazing music that engages and inspires, up to this day. A good song is always a good song and the future will tell.”

Just as with Zoo Brazil’s previous album, John secured several collaborations with other artists. On the opening track “Give Myself” we hear the vocals of Ursula Rucker, known from her singles with Louie Vega, King Britt and Sander Kleinenberg. Vocalist Rasmus Kellerman, who also featured on “There Is Hope”, joins forces again on “The Dark End”, while vocalist Philip (known from the band The Mary Onettes) delivers his voice on “Glass”, “Heart’s A Legend”, “Just A Breath Away”, “Shout” and “For Good”. American house legend Roland Clark teamed up with John for club track “The Message”.

“Any Moment Now” by Zoo Brazil is a massive album that flows all the way through, boasting a powerful track list of well-produced electronic dance music that should be of strong interest to every fan of the genre.


1. Give Myself (featuring Ursula Rucker)
2. Glass (featuring Philip)
3. Ahh
4. Heart’s A Legend (featuring Philip)
5. The Message (featuring Roland Clark)
6. Two
7. Just A Breath Away (featuring Philip)
8. The Dark End (featuring Rasmus Kellerman)
9. Shout (featuring Philip)
10. Sweat
11. For Good (featuring Philip)

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