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Ferry Corsten - Blueprint Pure Audio Blu-ray

Ferry Corsten - Blueprint Pure Audio Blu-ray

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It’s been said that “space exploration is a force unto itself”, a statement that can aptly be applied to the experience of music discovery. A purveyor of a music with that timeless quality, Ferry Corsten actioned himself into taking his own artist exploration deeper with his fifth artist album. Entitled ‘Blueprint’ because of his technical approach to this latest studio outing. This newest longplayer by the Rotterdam native was spawned from an idea to unite the music with a storyline that stretches beyond a nebulous lyrical theme. Combining his love for the art of screenwriting and film score Ferry has crafted ‘Blueprint’ as a concept release to put a wider perspective on his musical vision.

Sound specs: stereo, 5.1 DTS-HD and 3D audio

Tracklist Blu-ray:

1. Reception
2. Blueprint
3. Your Face (featuring Eric Lumiere)
4. Venera [Vee’s Theme] (presents Gouryella)
5. Something To Believe In (featuring Eric Lumiere)
6. Waiting (featuring Niels Geusebroek)
7. Here We Are (featuring HALIENE)
8. Edge Of The Sky (featuring HALIENE)
9. A World Beyond
10. Trust
11. Lonely Inside
12. Piece Of You (featuring HALIENE)
13. Wherever You Are (featuring HALIENE)
14. Drum’s A Weapon
15. Reanimate (featuring Clairity)
16. Another Sunrise (featuring Eric Lumiere and HALIENE)
17. Eternity

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