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JES - Unleash The Beat 3

JES - Unleash The Beat 3

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Sourced from her weekly mix show of the same name, Unleash The Beat 3 is a 2CD/double mix package that shows JES talents don't stop with writing and singing the biggest songs in dance music, she also knows how to mix them. Curated like a great night on the dance floor the two mixes offer and insight into JES’ skill of flawlessly blending the best in trance and progressive.

Disc One starts the journey with the progressive bang of Alexy Romeo’s AWEX, JES moves skillfully between deeper cuts like Stan Arwell’s Outburst and tougher beats such as EDU’s Alive. The mix includes the massive Sunny Lax remix of her cult Tiësto collaboration High Glow and a haunting exclusive remix of All Night from Musical Freedom alumni Alex Balog.

Disc Two moves into higher gear, dropping some of the hottest trance cuts of the past few months. Opening with the driving beat of the New World Punks’ Torque and moves on to tracks from trance luminaries Jerome Isma-Ae, Ost & Meyer and Beat Service. JES effortlessly folds in her own tracks with the celebrated Antillas and Dankann remix of her Sunlounger collaboration Glitter and Gold, as well as the deep pulsing Tenishia remix of her future classic Runaway with Cold Blue and Dennis Sheperd. The mix flows around you, over you and through you with an intensity that takes you back to place that made you love this music in the first place. It seems that when the right artist takes the DJ’s controls you get to hear the music the way it was always meant to be. Essential!


Mix 1.

01. Alexey Romeo - Awex
02. Michael White & Maik Ibane - Trapped In A Cave
03. Stan Arwell - Outburst
04. JES - High Glow (Sunny Lax Remix)
05. SEQU3L - Every Goodbye
06. Breame & Jack Vath - Arancini (Sunny Lax Remix)
07. Ahmet Atasever - Traversing
08. JES - All Night (Alex Balog Remix)
09. Xanwow - Solar
10. EDU - Alive
11. Scott James & SEQU3L - Ignite
12. JES - Two Souls
13. Zuubi - Duality
14. Enzo Darren - Soukai

Mix 2.

01. New World Punx - Torque
02. Jerome Isma-Ae - Overdrive
03. Benjamin Bates & Max Gabriel - Kingo
04. JES, Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd - Runaway (Tenishia Remix)
05. Bobina - Nos Encontramos
06. Ost & Meyer - Sky Hunter
07. Damian Wasse - Say Goodbye
08. Max Freegrant & Yuji Ono - Osaka Drift
09. Stoneface & Terminal - Sonus (Album Extended)
10. Nic Toms - You Are
11. Beat Service - Spark
12. Roger Shah presents Sunlounger & JES - Glitter And Gold (Antillas & Dankann Remix)
13. Dimension - Verano
14. Tarmo Tammel - Playa Del Sol

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