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Nuovo Morceau Subrosa

Nuovo Morceau Subrosa

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In a minimalist abstract of ambient forms and computer music languages, Grammy® nominated composer and technologist BT delves into the realms of child hood heroes from Cage to Eno. This collection of ambient works represents the first in a series of non-rhythmic electronic tone poems composed at four hundred and thirty-two hertz.

Reminiscent of everything from Debussy to Music for Airports, Morceau Subrosa is a dazzling cocktail of granular sound fields, ambient recordings and undulating vocal and acoustic instrumental works. Suited for everything from meditation and yoga to pre-sleep or relaxation, Morceau Subrosa is a hushed electronic lullaby for the new millennia.


Nicht Musik [Verklärung] No.2 in D Major
Sonitum Explicandis Tardius
Tabular Sarsa (λ) Algorithm No.13
Le particules et Les Sortilèges muse No.3
The Art of Perceptual Aliasing
Chant Des Étoiles thought No.9, K.421

Nuovo Morceau Subrosa is formatted as a single audio file of 46 minutes and 42 seconds.
There are no individual tracks markers on the Compact Disc itself.

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