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Snow Dance 003

Snow Dance 003

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Skiinfo and Onthesnow present “Snow Dance 003: The Bass Edition”

Skiinfo and Onthesnow continue their success with a brand new edition in the “Snow Dance” series. The first two editions harvested international acclaim and introduced a new style and twist to the usual ‘après ski’ culture of the global ski- and snowboard community. This season, the world’s leading winter sports portals and team up with Black Hole Recordings again to present the latest volume in the series.

Featuring only the best dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, “Snow Dance 003: The Bass Edition” provides the essential soundtrack for an active winter sports holiday season.

From day one, the dedicated ski- and snowboard devotees considered it a much anticipated and appreciated godsend when Black Hole Recordings announced a brand new compilation series in cooperation with Skiinfo and Onthesnow. The global leaders in outdoor and ski content Skiinfo and Onthesnow not only reach millions of unique users on multiple devices -both web and mobile- but are also active in numerous countries and languages all over the world, broadening their reach through their collaboration with Black Hole Recordings for the development of the “Snow Dance” series.

Suddenly an entire community of winter sports aficionados was able to lay hands on a high quality alternative for the proverbial mass compilations aimed solely at après ski parties. These releases do not necessarily serve the same segment as in which “Snow Dance” is positioned: they are more suitable for back- and budget pricing, aiming for bulk instead of quality and feature vast track listings that not necessarily represent the best quality in dance music available. The success of both volume 1 and 2 of “Snow Dance” confirmed this notion several times over.

As with the previous edition, “Snow Dance 003: The Bass Edition” comes in the shape of a double disc compilation in state of the art packaging with professional artwork and features high quality dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass. No expenses were spared to include the biggest artists in the industry, which led to almost 30 tracks by acts such as Kouncilhouse, Andain, Jagged HedZ, Stinkahbell, Danny Byrd, Missil featuring M.O.P., Blame,  Franky Nuts, Pierce Warnecke, Sound Avtar and many more


CD 01
01. Wetdog - Meanwhile
02. Dusky featuring Soloman - I'm Running (Synkro Remix)
03. Emufucka - Hyperion (Coco Bryce Remix)
04. Stinkahbell - Film Noir
05. RoughMath - Squeeze
06. Mr B - Little Acid People (Peo De Pitte Remix)
07. RuN RiOT - London Riots (Pixel Fist Remix)
08. Pierce Warnecke - The Machine Serves
09. Sickflip & RT featuring Eskay - Tricky Trap
10. Them&Us - Drenchtown (Radio Edit)
11. Kouncilhouse & Knightfreak featuring Ashley Slater - Lucky 7 (Original Mix)
12. Hectic featuring Leighanna - Believe and Achieve (L Plus Remix)
13. Andain - Much Too Much (Rido Remix)
14. Danny Byrd featuring Tomahawk - Hot Fuzz.

CD 02
01. Phoenyx & Sound Avtar - Symphonyx
02. Zinnat - The Future
03. Fytch, Captain Crunch & Carmen Forbes - Raindrops (Original Full Vocal Mix)
04. Missil featuring M.O.P. - Champions (High Rankin Remix)
05. Franky Nuts - Bang Like This
06. La'Reda - Synthasourus Rex (Deadcell Remix)
07. Sound Avtar - 1UP
08. Futurizm - Breathe
09. Tilt featuring Maria Nayler - My Release (Threnody Remix)
10. Blame featuring Camilla Marie - Star (Doctor P Remix)
11. Jagged HedZ featuring Dave Vader - Dust (Lephen Remix)
12. Rednek - They Call Me (DJ Zen Remix)
13. Relay & Front - Feel Good
14. Knightfreak - Princess Mononoke
15. Vital Elements & DJ Edit - Ruff With The Smooth

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