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Trance In Brazil

Trance In Brazil

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Trance in Brazil

Once upon a time seven trance DJ’s decided the moment had come to spread the love for the genre throughout the whole country of Brazil. That plan has now kickstarted into action with the Trance In Brazil (mix)compilation. The ambassadors of the project Danilo Ercole, Wrechiski, Klauss Goulart, Sourcee, Flavio Grifo, Morttagua and Sunset have each contributed to this one-of-a-kind compilation, making it a very special release to say the least.

These seasoned Brazilian trance DJ’s each added one of their own tracks to the album, which are also remixed by one of their fellow Trance In Brazil DJ’s. The genres of the tracks cover different facets of the trance spectrum such as progressive, tech and uplifting trance styles.
To top it all off DJ Morttagua has done the continuous mix for the album.

The Trance In Brazil concept does not only consist of this compilation; the initiators are taking other steps to promote, support and manage the genre and unite trance lovers and producers. Not only will there be a Trance In Brazil CD Compilation tour and parties, the platform will also help trance DJ’s to book gigs in famous clubs throughout the country and maybe open doors for the big international trance names.

So, Trance In Brazil is not just a compilation, but also a quest to win over Brazil to the music of trance for once and for all.


01. Wrechiski - No One Around
02. Morttagua - Excalibur
03. Klauss Goulart featuring Madelin Zero - Diamonds
04. Danilo Ercole - That Other Name
05. Sourcee - Shadows
06. Flavio Grifo - Mizera
07. Sunset - Last Memory
08. Klauss Goulart featuring Madelin Zero - Diamonds (Sourcee Remix)
09. Danilo Ercole - That Other Name (Sunset Remix)
10. Morttagua - Excalibur (Wrechiski Remix)
11. Flavio Grifo - Mizera (Danilo Ercole Remix)
12. Sunset - The Last Memory (Klauss Goulart Remix)
13. Sourcee - Shadows (Morttagua Remix)
14. Wrechiski - No One Around (Flavio Grifo Remix)
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