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Will Atkinson - Last King Of Scotland

Will Atkinson - Last King Of Scotland

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The most anticipated debut artist album of 2020 has arrived, as genius Scottish producer Will Atkinson delivers a seventeen-track LP that’s nothing less than a masterpiece. A body of music that seamlessly fuses trance, techno & drum n’ bass with progressive & poetry, ambient & acid and harmony & hard dance, it immediately vies for the tag of ‘timeless’.

The ‘Last King Of Scotland’ is a musical journey like no other, but also an intoxicating and often-hypnotic collection, which is a musical narration of Will’s own path. That of a patriotic, electronic music loving boy growing up in a far-flung corner before moving on, out and up to global recognition.


01. Perplexer - Acid Folk (Will Atkinson Last King Of Scotland Remix)
02. Cigarettes & Kerosene (with Cari Golden)
03. If I Spoke Your Language (with Gary Go)
04. Last Night In Ibiza
05. Drowning In Dunes Of Time
06. Beans
07. Awakening (with Paul van Dyk) (Will Atkinson Album Mix)
08. Burning Out (with Harry Roke)
09. Telescope Interlude
10. Telescope
11. Rush
12. Kismet Energy
13. Happy Hours (DC Breaks Remix)
14. Long Way Home (with JES)
15. Pipe Dreams
16. Unspoken Words (with Rory O’B featuring Rhianna McMahon)
17. In Solace

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