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Mr Sam - Pop Model

Mr Sam - Pop Model

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Mr Sam - Pop Model
The much anticipated new studio album of the always busy producer.

Sam’s previous release, “Lyteo”, was very successful and harvested a few superb singles.
Mr Sam has also been very active with his “Opus” mix compilations and in fall 2009 he released the third volume in this series, entitled “Tertio”.

For this brand new “Pop Model” album, Sam worked together with big names such as Amanda Wilson, Andy Duguid, Tiff Lacey and T4L.
The track listing offers surprising reinterpretations of T99’s house classic “Anasthasia” and “Dominator” by Human Resource.

Collectors will also be nicely surprised to find the Mr Sam Remix of Deadmau5 with “Clockwork”.
The single “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, featuring Amanda Wilson and Myon, already made its way to the international dance floors and we will hear much more from the album in the nearby future.

Mr Sam’s “Pop Model” is an absolute must for those that truly dig high quality electronic dance.

01. Ave Eva
02. Invicible (with Andy Duguid vs. Pat Benatar)
03. Just the Beginning (ft. Disco International)
04. Ing Ong
05. Gotta have it (ft. Esmaye)
06. Gone (ft. Jennie Lonfgren)
07. Satisfaction Guaranteed (with Andy Duguid ft. Amanda Wilson)
08. The Great Opus (with BT)
09. 7 Seven 7
10. Carved (with T4L ft. Tiff Lacey)
11. Cygnes (ft. clAud9)
12. Hold my breath (with Andy Duguid ft. Solarstone)
13. Rydem Koba (with T4l)
14. Mixi
15. Tantra
16. Menkayo (with T4L)
17. Dominator (vs. Human Resource)
18. Anasthasia (vs. T99)
19. E&E
20. One Day (ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw)
21. BONUS Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Mr Sam Remix)

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