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Jam & Spoon Tripomatic Fairytales Limited Numbered Coffee Table Book

Jam & Spoon's Tripomatic Fairytales Limited Numbered (Coffee Table Book)

30th Anniversary Limited Edition Coffee Table Book Numbered Edition of 1.000

192 pages containing exclusive artwork, the history of Jam & Spoon, extensive interviews and more includes 3 remastered CD’s of Tripomatic Fairytales 2001, 2002 and 3003, and 1 CD of Tripomatic Fairytales - The Official Remixes

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JES - Memento

Most would consider it ambitious to attempt to bridge so many years with one album. In actuality what JES has done though is bigger still, and the clue to that lies in its title. In certain respects, ‘MEMENTO’ could be viewed not asa JES album, but the JES album.

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