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Cosmic Gate - MOSAIIK Chapter One & Two

Cosmic Gate - MOSAIIK Chapter One & Two

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First out the ‘Gate’s gate is ‘MOSAIIK Chapter Two’s teaser trailer, which is online now. Through it, Cosmic Gate revealed that ‘MOSAIIK’ will spread its format wings to include, not just digital and streaming versions, but also a
double CD and a limited-edition double vinyl (naturally including both Chapters). 
Next, you’ll need to put a big save-the-date mark in the calendar for Feb 15, as Nic & Bossi are set to perform another of their acclaimed Livestreams. This time their two-hour set will be coming from Ibiza, where - backdropped by the magnetising sight (and just plain magnetic!) Es Vedra isle, the boys will be premiering much
of the previously unheard music from ‘Chapter Two’.


 Disc 1

  1. Blame (with Diana Miro)
  2. Feel It
  3. Nothing To Hide (with Diana Miro)
  4. Your Mind
  5. Summer Wonder (with Mike Schmid)
  6. Vertigo
  7. These Dreams (with Julie Thompson)
  8. Universal Love
  9. Feel It (AVIRA Remix)

Disc 2

  1. Hear Me Out (with Diana Miro)
  2. Follow You Anywhere (with Nathan Nicholson)
  3. Emotions Of Colour (with Gid Sedgwick)
  4. Just The Beginning (with Nathan Nicholson)
  5. It's Simple (with Andy Duguid)
  6. Mirador
  7. We Got The Fire (with Olivia Sebastianelli)
  8. Retrospection (with Greenhaven DJs)
  9. Blame (with Diana Miro) (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)


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