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Duck Down Dubstep

Duck Down Dubstep

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Rub A Duck presents “Duck Down Dubstep" 

The Rub A Duck label has been active for a little over a year now and already established a rock solid reputation as a high quality outlet for dubstep, electro, rave and techno.
In a short period of time the label managed to secure such highly acclaimed acts as The Freestylers,
Utah Saints, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Crystal Method, MRK1 and Sound Avtar while legendary top producers like Cookie Monsta, Datsik, Damn You Mongolians and many others are lining up to deliver remixes for the imprint. 

Rub A Duck's success hasn't gone unnoticed and resulted in an impressive list of artists and releases. It's clear that the label forms a serious platform for both new and established talent, perfectly showcased and compiled in the CD "Duck Down Dubstep". The release gives an excellent overview of all the EPs, singles and remixes released by Rub A Duck so far and features the hit singles “Frozen” by The Freestylers, “Sine Language” by The Crystal Method ft. LMFAO, “What Can You Do For Me” by Utah Saits vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith and many, many more.


1. Savoy - DIY (Original Mix)
2. The Freestylers featuring Joshua Steele - Frozen (Cookie Monsta Remix)
3. The Crystal Method featuring LMFAO - Sine Language (Datsik Remix)
4. Viper 9 featuring Matt Nash & R.I.O - All I Want (Eyes Remix)
5. Richard Durand featuring Kash - Explode (Jacob Plant Remix)
6. Tyler Blue - Statement
7. Julie Thompson - Shine (Pyramid’s Drop The Bass Remix)
8. Mooqee & Pimpsoul featuring Bianca Gerald - Feeling Good (Herbgrinder Remix)
9. Jagged Hedz featuring Dave Vader - Sell My Soul (Into The Vortex Mix)
10. Damn You Mongolians featuring Katie's Ambition - Footprints (Radio Edit)
11. Sickflip - The Moan Of A Machine
12. Lephen - Le Suicide (Original)
13. Sound Avtar - Drop Dead
14. MRK1 featuring KT Forrester - Living A Lie (Damn You Mongolians Remix)
15. Utah Saints vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - What Can You Do For Me (Tantrum Desire Remix)
16. Phoenyx & Kunala - Feel (Dubstep Mix)

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