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Fuel Beachclub

Fuel Beachclub

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Located at a stone's throw from Amsterdam, right on the famous Dutch coastline town of Bloemendaal, you'll find Holland's famous Fuel Beachclub. Known for its ruling Sunday beach parties and home of big events like Grotesque, Fuel has collaborated with Black Hole Recordings to introduce a new mixcompilation series. The first release, simply titled "Fuel Beachclub" is made with Dutch DJ/producer Menno de Jong, who has compiled and mixed this first volume. "Fuel Beachclub (Mixed by Menno de Jong)" perfectly underlines the lush and luxurious feel of the venue, which also hosts leading concepts such as Grotesque, Latin Lovers, Taste It, Luminosity and Fiesta Summersounds.

Menno de Jong established himself as a producer with his debut hit "Guanxi" in 2004. After his success with singles like "Second Thoughts", "Watermark", "Millionfold" and "Tundra" he soon travelled the world as a highly successful DJ. Now the deck master for this release, Menno de Jong secured an outstanding selection of 17 new titles for a mix that perfectly represents an unforgettable day or night out on the beach at Fuel.
Featuring tracks by Cosmic Gate, Andain, Solarstone with Aly & Fila, Rank 1 vs. Mike, Andrew Bayer, Ad Brown and many others, "Fuel Beachclub" extends Fuel's one of a kind atmosphere beyond its own pavilion and premises, all the way into your own sun soaked beach party.


01. Andrew Bayer - Gaff's Eulogy (Original Mix)
02. ilan Bluestone - Sinai (Original Mix)
03. York & JPL - Nightmare (York Club Mix)
04. Ad Brown - From Within (Original Mix)
05. Solarstone with Aly & Fila - Fireisland (Future Disciple Remix)
06. Cosmic Gate - Crushed
07. Rank 1 vs M.I.K.E. - Elements Of Nature
08. Protoculture - Laguna (Original Mix)
09. Naden - Ventosus (Original Mix)
10. Matt Davey - Neutrino (Original Mix)
11. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge featuring Gabriela - World To Turn (Daniel Kandi's Bangin' Mix)
12. Chris Porter - The Sky At Night (Menno de Jong Remix)
13. Solarstone & Clare Stagg - Jewel (Pure Mix)
14. Menno de Jong - Never Lose The Magic
15. Mac & Monday - Here Comes The Snd (Original Tech Mix)
16. Sonic Element – Destruction (Original Mix)
17. Andain - What It’s Like (Sneijder Remix)

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