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Hard Trance Europe Volume 5 - On The Grand Pier (Ltd Edition Triple CD)

Hard Trance Europe Volume 5 - On The Grand Pier (Ltd Edition Triple CD)

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Following on in our series of highly acclaimed compilation CDs, we thought that with the HTE Weekender fast approaching it would make for the perfect opportunity to unleash yet another three disc collection of the finest Hard Trance music from across the globe. Partnering with the almighty Black Hole Recordings for the project, we have an exciting lineup of guest mixers in control for this edition. Swiss legend S.H.O.K.K. joins HTE mainstay Nick The Kid, Hard Dance icon Lab4 and techno-fire champ Phutek hit the studio to converge their styles for the first time ever, London's AlexMo drops a rockin' producer showcase, the man in shades and HTE champion Ed Lynam delivers his first-ever official compilation mix. South West and Counry Club legend Iain Cross joins the party curating his favourite music from the HTE camp and we are also delighted to be hosting 11 year old boy wonder PULSAR"s first official compilation mix, and at 11 years old probably the youngest ever DJ to ever mix an official compilation.  

Packing in 240 minutes of high energy and harder trance sounds from the likes of Scot Project, Yoji, Fred Baker, Lab4, Antolini & Montorsi, S.H.O.K.K, Wavetraxx, Nick The Kid, Renegade System, DJ Wag aka Yakooza, Yusef Kifah, Jan Johnston, Heatbeat, Jam El Mar and many many more, making this the largest edition to date! 



Jake Ayres - Voices From Beyond
Opt-In feat Jan Johnston - Middle Of Nowhere (S.H.O.K.K. & Nick The Kid Remix)
Nathaniel Sim & Neil Rowe - Concentr8
MayMarr - Incapacitated (Tempestarii Remix)
Haikal Ahmad & BetaHouse Mafia - Speed Of Light
S.H.O.K.K. Lollo Rosso (SHOCK:FORCE Remix)
Wavetraxx & Nick The Kid - Aeolian
S.H.O.K.K. - Folie A Deaux (Nick The Kid & Wavetraxx Mix)
DJ T.H & Jasmine Knight - Escape (Nick The Kid Remix)
Luca Antolini & Andrea Montorsi - Voice Of Dream


Alan Sharkey - Maya
Sholan - Bring The Noise
Mynax - What Is Life
Trance Atlantic & Gray Mentality - The Fly
Inoblivion - Anaesthesia
Betahouse Mafia - Another Attempt
D10 - The Shadows
Andrea Montorsi & Renegade System - Feel The Music


AlexMo - SuperNova
Fawzy - Elixir of a Shattered Soul (Weirdo Remix)
Alan Sharkey - The Hidden Path
Chris SX - Retrograde
AlexMo - This Is Mine
AlexMo & S.H.O.K.K. - Mama Cocha
Lab4 - Concept of Love (AlexMo Remix)


Mindflux & Evanti - Connection Is Soul
Ed Lynam - La Cuarenta
Ed Lynam - Noradrenaline
Rick Guyez - The Yellow Beetle (Take Me Higher)
Bas & Ram - The Flirt (Ed Lynam Remix)
Ed Lynam & AstroFegs - Machina Ex Inferis
David Nimmo - Help Myself
Fred Baker Presents Dark Alliance - Genetic (Ed Lynam Remix)
Scot Project - C3 (Celestial)


The Elite - 5 Seconds to Terminate (ADM Remix)
Kenny Palmer - Nightfallen
Accelerator - Ventura
Lab4 - Candyman 2023 (Nick The Kid Remix)
Troy Wyse - Kameleon
Nomad - Cloak (Extended Mix)
Trickydj & Shax - Harder
Andrea Montorsi - Special


Storm - Time To Burn (Jam El Mar Remix)
Pants & Corset - Malice In Wonderland (Phuket Remix)
Lab4 & Nick Van Kukaj - Force 10 Fire
Blashear - Rave Origin
Digital Devil - Switch Up
Yusef Kifah, Lab4, SHOCK:FORCE - Champagne
DJ Wag - The Darkness (Lab4 Remix)
Enemy-9 - Limitless
Lab4 - Candyman (Phutek Remix)
Yoji Biomehanika - Seduction (Rework)

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