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Late Night Alumni - Echos (Vinyl)

Late Night Alumni - Echos (Vinyl)

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This one might’ve been in us from the start”, says John Hancock. He’s talking about ‘Echos’ - his, Becky Williams, Finn Bjarnson & Ryan Raddon seventh Late Night Alumni longform.

Predominantly known for blending electronic and organic elements into their music, the album represents a departure from the band’s largely house-led sound. An all-acoustic affair, in many ways though ‘Echos’ is a natural extension of LNA’s DNA.  “Most of our songs”, John continues, “are written in the organic/acoustic realm and then produced with electronic flavours to create our sound. In those intimate song beginnings though, there’s a magic all its own. We’ve long wanted to do an album that captured and augmented that initial intimacy.

Which is indeed what Becky, John, Finn & Ryan have now done. The quartet have dug back into their twenty-year, six-album history and selected eleven tracks that they felt could most benefit from this song-spotlighting treatment. With their original acoustic intros as cues, they’ve taken them to their natural conclusions. A Sliding Doors-type feast for LNA enthusiasts both new and established, or indeed all lovers of downtempo, downtime, live instrumentation-led music, ‘Echos’.


Side A

  1. Beautiful (03:57)
  2. 4AM (03:55)
  3. Even As I Go (04:05)
  4. Gemini (03:48)
  5. Love Is A Knife (01:56)
  6. You Can Be The One (03:38)

Side B

  1. Mine (04:00)
  2. Empty Streets (03:30)
  3. The Rest Of You (03:47)
  4. Sapphire (04:50)
  5. Window (04:49)
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