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Pavel Khvaleev - Inhale

Pavel Khvaleev - Inhale

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No, not a lockdown album”, smiles Pavel Khvaleev, albeit with enough emphasis to leave little doubt. When though is an album, with some remarkably altered sonic states (and produced throughout 2020) not one then? “Well, for one, he clarifies, when it was the (pre-pandemic) plan all along. Oh and remember: we’re not talking ‘album’, but rather albums, plural!

Already known for having a fair amount of stylistic bandwidth, this isn’t Pavel’s first trip into the multi-toned production space. To date though, it is certainly his most structured. In order to set the project apart (and address fans the right way), he assumed a new artist extension for it. Back in January, under the newly affixed PARAFRAME name, he began drip-feeding releases into the electronic music system.

In both implication and effect, PARAFRAME sees its music – almost simultaneously – as either an anticipatory inhalation or an unwinding exhalation. Thus, in quick succession throughout October and November, Pavel will release two full-length longplayers. Similar in their Khvaleev-ese production ‘language’, yes, but tonally, set firmly apart.

For it, vocal collaborators, both new to Pavel’s universe and already well established, join him. Among them you’ll find gifted contributions from the likes of Miss Monique, Avis Vox, Matvey Emerson, RINNGS, Dalli, Abra Taylor, Erase Me, Blackfeel Wite and Leusin - all of whom add fascinating textures to the two albums’ context.


1. Rider (with Miss Monique)
2. Everything (with Avis Vox)
3. Unbroken
4. No Love (with Matvey Emerson)
5. Escape (with Erase Me)
6. Chasing Dreams (with Blackfeel Wite)
7. Cascade
8. Broken (with Kane Miller)
9. Space Odyssey
10. Blade

Bonus Tracks

11. Everything (with Avis Vox) (Höhnflug Remix) 
12. Chasing Dreams (Two Are Remix)

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