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Mojado - Skizo

Mojado - Skizo

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Skizo is the second release from Mojado, better known of course as the collaboration between Mr Sam and Dimitri Andreas. This successful follow up to “Arena” received great response from all levels in the industry and harvested such huge hit singles like “Free Your Mind”, “Too High”, “Kaktus” and the title track “Skizo” which was also pressed as a limited edition, colored vinyl series of four 10” vinyl pressings. It was with this album that Mojado underlined their creativity in the field of electronic dance music, and to quote their own words: “The clubbers of today shouldnt be simply dismissed and degraded as being the third or fourth generation of tech-trance, but rather as the first generation of a new era. A new era of original club Music that identifies the dawn of a new generation.”


1. Skintro
2. Free Your mind (Radio Edit)
3. Ethno Preacher
4. Make It Work
5. Kali
6. Alma Gemela
7. Angel Of Mine
8. Hijo De Africa
9. Too High (Radio Edit)
10. Kaktus
11. Morfo
12. Amarillo
13. Skizo
14. Skioutro

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