DJ Montana - Space Age 4.0



DJ Montana returns for the fourth volume in Black Hole's long-running Space Age series of mix albums. Similar to other volumes, Space Age 4.0 features a number of progressive trance songs, many of which are well known. Some of the highlights include Mauro Picotto's "Iguana" and Jochem Paap's "Electric Deluxe."

01. Secret Cinema - Rebounce
02. Remy Unger And Gregor van Gaalen - Brighten Up (Secret Cinema Remix)
03. Eyes Up Movement - Explosive Vapour
04. DJ Montana - Defloration (Bloody Sheets)
05. Rhythm Masters - Ghetto Style DJs
06. Tim J - Reality Check
07. DJ Montana - Southcentral Linez
08. TDR - Squelch (Fellation Profunda Mix)
09. Underground Reflections - Mistic Waves
10. Toneking - PNEU (Housetrapp Remix)
11. Mauro Picotto - Iguana (Mas Mix)
12. DJ Montana - The Bridge In The Park.
13. Chord Symbols - Illuminate Your Mind
14. Bismark - Reactivate (Trasp 2)
15. Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe
16. Signum - Thrillseeker

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