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Sydney Blu - Relentless

Sydney Blu - Relentless

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After two years of working on her first artist album Relentless, Sydney Blu presents to the world her musical creations, which together combine the sounds of tech house, techno and house. Relentless will feature 12 originals, and one remix, which are bound to take you through an underground vortex of euphoria.

Throughout the mixed album you’ll hear a stream of underground productions, with pummelling basslines, dreamy vocals, jaunty techno and groovy tech house. To kick off the album will be an official intro featuring deep house vocalist Cari Golden, who’s a legendary underground vocalist known for her recent work with Pan-Pot and Anja Schneider to name a few.

The first track of the album What’s Inside, brings a deep house element to Relentless with its slow sexy bassline and mesmerizing melody. Nothing To Hide sweeps in with its groovy bassline, quirky kick drums and lustrous vocals. Centipede is a tech house record offering its underlying effects and hi-hats throughout. Electric Era featuring Fritz Helder (Azari & III Vocalist) is a proper house track, which eludes classic underground vibes into the album. Munic brings out the techno side of Relentless. You Were The One moves into a darker and more ominous sound. Maintaining a strong beat, this track encompasses more underground qualities, with a build up of synths, reverberating claps, and white noise accompanying the breakdowns. A simply tasteful vocal gives the track lyrical imagery.

Relentless showcases Sydney Blu’s true musical style, which originates from her roots in the Toronto underground music scene. Sydney Blu’s Relentless album will undoubtedly be relentless to dance floors worldwide.

01. Relentless Intro (featuring Cari Golden)
02. What’s Inside
03. Nothing To Hide
04. Centipede
05. Electric Era (with Blue Gates and Fritz Helder)
06. Munich
07. You Were The One (with D.Ramirez)
08. Need I Say More (with D.Ramirez)
09. My Neighbors Hate Me
10. It Doesn’t Matter
11. Teardrop (with Jamie Lee Wilson)
13. Zenbi featuring Rachael Starr - Mad World (Sydney Blu Remix)
14. Little Things

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