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The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm

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With the official release of their fifth studio album "The Coming Storm", the Freestylers announce their return to the forefront of the industry. After the boys dropped the single of the album's title track, it was clear that they had more up their sleeve. Now the original grandmasters of breakbeat are back with a vengeance, bringing the world their brand new 13-track, packed to the brim artist album titled "The Coming Storm", featuring collaborations with Synikall, Stereo:Type, Wizard, Sirreal, Laura Steel, Irwin Sparks, Fast Eddie and many others.

After a 15-year career the Freestylers have covered a full 360 degrees in the bass music genre, having played all the biggest festivals and most talked about nightclubs around the world, even the quintessentially British music show, Top of The Pops.
With their first four artist albums "We Rock Hard", "Pressure Point", “Raw as F**k” and “Adventures in Freestyle” notched tightly to their belt, the duo was voted Best Band by Music Magazine, toured with Lenny Kravitz on his American Woman tour, rocked a crowd of 30,000 at Glastonbury Festival 1999, performed at MTV’s Times Square Millenium Party and played Big Day Out 2005 - it is clear that these guys have had one big adventure so far.

Through early tracks like “B-Boy Stance”, “Ruffneck” and “Warning”, their music progressed to seminal tunes like “Punks”, “Boom Blast”, “Fasten Your Seat-Belts”, “Painkiller” and more recently “Cracks”, “Frozen”, recorded with Joshua Steele a.k.a. Flux Pavillion and “Over You”, which featured Ami Carmine. In addition to their status as underground heroes, they have gained commercial success with their huge global hit “Push Up” and have had their music featured in TV and film, including the hugely successful comedy film Zoolander.

And now, after two years in the studio, it’s fair to say Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey are about to launch a veritable assault on the music scene with their new album “The Coming Storm”. Opening with the Illaman and Serocee backed "Ignite", the Freestylers move to the radio friendly "Yours To Waste" with Irwin Sparks. Followed by the speedgarage-esque "Falling" featuring Laura Steel, we proceed with the title track, taking the fusion of dub and jungle to another level - being a collaboration with Stereo:Type and featuring the moody and melodic vocals of Takura (of Flashing Lights/Chase and Status fame) it truly stands for the Freestylers sound for the new era. Not shying away from hiphop with "Who Got Da Buzz" featuring Synikall, the Freestylers continue to unfold a myriad of styles including the acid house cut titled "The Sound" featuring hiphouse legend Fast Eddie and many more straight up dance floor smashes.

With their fifth studio album "The Coming Storm", The Freestylers showcase their ever-eclectic style and renegade approach to production focusing on everything in the bass music spectrum and with the new addition to their production team, Chris Bishop from Stereo:Type, they’ve ramped up their sound into overdrive. Whether they’re performing as a live band, sound system or DJ set, you know they are gonna rock hard. Prepare yourself for the coming storm

01. The Freestylers featuring Illaman and Serocee - Ignite
02. The Freestylers featuring Irwin Sparkes - Yours To Waste
03. The Freestylers featuring Laura Steel - Falling
04. The Freestylers & Stereo:Type featuring Takura - The Coming Storm
05. The Freestylers featuring Synikall - Who Got Da Buzz
06. The Freestylers featuring Laura Steel - Give Me Life
07. The Freestylers - You And What Army
08. The Freestylers featuring Valerie M - Is It Possible
09. The Freestylers & Wizard featuring Sirreal - U Betta Stand Up
10. The Freestylers featuring Fast Eddie - The Sound
11. The Freestylers featuring Irwin Sparkes - All For Nothing
12. The Freestylers featuring Them&Us - Memories
13. The Freestylers featuring Maikal X - Fall From Grace

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