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LTN - The Path Of Life

LTN - The Path Of Life

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"The Path Of Life" is the 2nd studio album from LTN and he teams up with AVA Recordings for a journey into the sounds and styles the Indonesian producer is best known for.  From smooth and deep soundscapes of his "Sunrise Mixes" to the energetic vocal anthems, we are treated to 20 meticulously crafted musical pieces.

Setting the mood immediately with the captivating warmth of "Nowhere To Run", the journey is a slow burning build in energy accompanied by the smooth vocal collaborations of Christina Novelli, Kyler England, Michele C, Linney, Eric Lumiere and more.  Never losing its pacing, LTN expertly crafts song after song of immense quality culminating towards an album filled with replay ability and sustainability.

As the song "Take Me Away" feat. Linney suggests, LTN's "The Path Of Life" is the perfect example of an album written with heart.


01. LTN - Nowhere To Run

02. LTN & ENZO - Zodiac Sign (LTN Sunrise Mix) 

03. LTN & Aelyn - Happy Life

04. LTN & Kyler England - Rise Like Smoke (LTN Sunrise Mix) 

05. LTN & Christina Novelli - I’d Go Back

06. LTN - Life Goes On 

07. LTN featuring Gaelan - In Between 

08. LTN & Michele C - The Chase 

09. LTN featuring LYCA – Take Me Back (LTN Sunrise Mix) 

10. LTN & Michele C - Lost In Us

11. LTN - Golden Triangle 

12. LTN & Victoria Ray – My World

13. LTN & Clara Yates - Turtledove

14. LTN & Attila Syah - Samurai 

15. LTN featuring Linney - Take Me Away (LTN Sunrise Mix) 

16. LTN - Remember Where We Came From 

17. LTN & Cassidy Ford - Wildfire 

18. LTN & Christina Novelli - Cabana 

19. LTN & Alexander Popov featuring Kyler England - Yet To Come (LTN Sunrise Mix) 

20. LTN featuring Eric Lumiere - Shining 

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