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Eco - Wolves

Eco - Wolves

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If it feels like Eco has fallen somewhat release-quiet of late, well it’s not without good reason. Until a few years ago a veritable dynamo, no trance season was quite complete without a complement of his singles. As quixotically beautiful as their titles were intriguingly cryptic & enigmatic, ‘The Light In Your Eyes Went Out’,
‘Walkabout’, ‘A Million Sounds, A Thousand Smiles’, ‘Staring At The Sea’ and dozens of others came to rank amongst trance’s most imaginative and esoteric.

Most albums have ‘a story’, but perhaps not to quite the same degree as Eco’s ‘Wolves’. Dealing with (as the New Jersey-ite puts it) “a child who is no longer satisfied with the time & place he finds himself in and decides to embrace wilderness”, it is, in part, an allegory of his disillusionment. Moreover though it’s a concerted attempt to confront it and improve it.
Musically, the album tracks the arc of the ‘Wolves’ novella. Reading at roughly the same pace as it (pause-free) plays, its titles, music and lyrics, in effect, ‘illustrate’ the book. Using the wolf motif, it deals with the highs, lows, and varying trials and tribulations the boy faces. In doing so, it provides a rarely - if ever before – experienced adjunct to a music album. While the story is personal to Marcello, it’s also one that will very likely resonate with fans within the scene.

To further the album’s Odyssey-like journey to completion, Eco picked up and learnt instruments he’d never previously touched (most notably, the guitar, which is prevalent in several tracks). He was also intimately involved in all facets of the concept album: writing song lyrics, creating the artwork and clothing line, as well as curating the accompanying films, and working closely with the author of the written story. Musically, this album saw him collaborate with a wide range of talents (with artists such as Driftmoon, Jennifer Rene, Gordana Markovic, Chris Severe, and Ariah Noetzel). More often though - as the absolute master of ‘Wolves’ destiny - he took its work
upon himself.

01. Darkness In The Light 
02. The Rain (with Ariah Noetzel) 
03. Trust In The Wind (with Driftmoon) 
04. Dogs
05. River Song 
06. Soar 
07. Slow Rising Sun (with Gordana Markovic) 
08. Cloud [Part 1] (with Chris Severe) 
09. Cloud [Part 2] (with Chris Severe) 
10. If I Survive (I’ll Worship The Moon)
11. No Ceilings 
12. It’ll All Make Sense One Day 
13. Wolves 
14. Running (with Jennifer Rene) 
15. The Lonely Soldier
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