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George Acosta - All Of Me

George Acosta - All Of Me

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Celebrating 20 years as a successful DJ and producer, George Acosta releases his third and hugely anticipated full-length studio album “All Of Me’. Eighteen original productions, featuring an extended list of collaborating vocalists like Ben Hague, Quilla, Miss Palmer, Rob Noble, Maverick Judson, Shakeh, Robbie Hazen, Petra, Gerry Cueto, Danielle Simeone, Fisher, Royal Aces and Laces. All epic anthems suitable for the dance-floor as well as the more intimate settings. 

From the radio-ready pop enthusiasm of “Rebel Love featuring Petra” and the epic synths of “Funky” to the emotion-tugging expanse of “We All Get Lost Sometimes featuring Quilla” and the soaring stabs of “Snowflake”, “All Of Me” straddles the line between what’s considered house and progressive house in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre. Although the tunes on this album have definitely crossover appeal, true club-goers will be also be satisfied with the more underground tracks, like, “1979 featuring Robbie Hazen”, with its filthy horns and hard-hitting 4/4, and the more housey gems “The Night with Royal Aces” or “Gravity with Dryra And EpicFail featuring Laces”. 

Originating from Cuba and a long-time resident of Miami, George Acosta is a self-proclaimed workaholic. Voted by the readers of DJ Times Magazine as “America’s Best DJ” in 2007, he had his first taste of commercial success with the platinum-selling “Set You Free” in 1996 under his Planet Soul alias. With the launch of his Aco Music digital imprint in 2009, George continues to bring his sound to dance floors and airwaves around the world. Rest is not an option.

1. Time Stood Still (featuring Ben Hague) 
2. We All Get Lost Sometimes (featuring Quilla)
3. Don’t Say It’s Over (featuring Miss Palmer) 
4. Never Change (featuring Rob Noble) 
5. Thru The Night (featuring Maverick Judson)
6. 1979 (featuring Robbie Hazen) 
7. These Dreams (featuring Shakeh) 
8. Rebel Love (featuring Petra) 
9. No Way Back (with Gerry Cueto) 
10. Save Me [From Myself] (with Robbie Hazen) 
11. Funky 
12. Bring It Back (featuring Danielle Simeone) 
13. Snowflake 
14. This Is The Night (featuring Danielle Simeone) 
15. True Love (featuring Fisher) (Deep Mix) 
16. Under The Sun

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