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Pendro Del Mar - Mellomania 22

Pendro Del Mar - Mellomania 22

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Hi Mellomaniacs,
Almost another year has passed since the release of the last Mellomania 2CD, so I’m very thrilled myself to present the brand new Mellomania 22!

The global EDM-scene massively changed over the last months. Progressive house is dominating the global club scene, and more and more former trance artists are going into a more progressive direction. I’m personally very open-minded when it comes to music styles, and I’m also showcasing many different genres in my Mellomania radio shows. In these times you can anyway hardly separate the unique styles, and in my opinion there is also no need to limit yourself to stay within certain boundaries.

But before you’re becoming frightened about the style of the album you’re currently holding in your hands, I can release the all-clear. Mellomania 22 is a 100% trance compilation with euphoric, emotional and uplifting tunes on Disc 1 and Balearic and slightly progressive trance tracks on Disc 2. Whilst one or the other tune may already sound familiar to you, you’ll also find a lot of fresh tracks, which have exclusively been produced for this compilation.

I’m really excited to receive your honest feedback and comments about this album.
The easiest way of catching up with me is always via my social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or you can just give me a shout during one of my gigs.

Last but not least I would like to thank all Mellomaniacs from all across the globe for the never ending support you’re giving me, and I wish you outstanding remaining weeks of the year. For all those who do celebrate Christmas, have a great time with your beloved.

See you soon on a gig nearby you.


Disc 1.
01. Mellomania - Intro (Original Mix)
02. illitheas - Forgiven (Mellomania Edit)
03. Faruk Sabanci featuring Josie - Wake Up (Original Mix)
04. Allen Watts - Split Second
05. Aruna - Save The Day (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix)
06. Ben Nicky - Translate
07. Richard Durand & Pedro Del Mar featuring Roberta Harrison - Paint The Sky
08. Easton featuring Madelin Zero - Undone (Easton In Pesaro Mix)
09. Falcon & Ernest Miller - Aurora (Original Mix)
10. Exostate - Easily I Fell (Ferry Tayle ‘The Wizard’ Remix)
11. UDM - Endless World (Original Mix)
12. Full Tilt featuring Katrina Noorbergen - Letting Go (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
13. Pedro Del Mar & Damian Wasse - New World (Original Mix)
14. Philip Mayer vs. Ronald De Foe - Nefertiti (Original Mix)
15. Tritonal featuring Cristina Soto - Still With Me (Suncatcher Remix)
16. Miss Cortex & Chrys Ruff - Lucky Strike (Original Mix)
17. Ace Da Brain - Magic Waters (Ronny K. & David WurCZel Guitar Emotion Remix)

Disc 2.
01. Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV - Lachrymose (Intro Mix)
02. Jamie Carpenter featuring Ciaran Warren - You're Not Alone (Club Mix)
03. Cosmic Gate & Cary Brothers - Wake Your Mind (Extended Mix)
04. Rocking J - New Dawn (Original Mix)
05. Aly & Fila meet Roger Shah featuring Adrina Thorpe - Perfect Love (Original Mix)
06. Pakka featuring Madelin Zero - All I Have (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)
07. Bluestone - Capetown
08. Shawn Mitiska featuring Hannah Ray - Salt (Original Vocal Mix)
09. Jaco - Malaysia (Original Mix)
10. C-Systems & Jo Micali featuring Hanna Finsen - Love Is Strong (Estiva Remix)
11. Matt Bukovski - Blissful Time (Original Mix)
12. Robbie Rivera featuring Blake Lewis - All We Are (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix)
13. James Poulton - Evolve (Original Mix)
14. Emma Hewitt - Circles (Pedro Del Mar & DoubleV Remix)
15. Roy Malakian featuring Chris Jones - Vital Signs (Original Mix)
16. Betsie Larkin & Lange - Obvious (Lange Club Mix)
17. Alexander Popov featuring Kyler England - My World (Original Mix)
18. Bobina - The Space Track (Andrew Rayel Stadium Remix)
19. 4 Strings - The Other Side (Original Mix)
20. Ralph Novell - Lagoon

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