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Nifra - Follow Me III

Nifra - Follow Me III

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From the onset of her heart being overwhelmed with trance music in her teenage years, Nifra evolved from tomboy follower to a source of inspiration in the electronic industry. Having immersed herself in the art of DJ mix compilations, her Follow Me series quickly established a firm following beyond its domain of Coldharbour Recordings followers.

Now entering its third instalment in 2022, Follow Me III arrives equipped to captivate once again.

It has been a whirlwind experience for the Slovakian, as the iteration between offerings two and three saw her embrace the jubilation of motherhood for the first time. Creation leads to inspiration, and despite the wonders of change ushered through a life addition, her dedication in carving her distinguished take on modern-day trance remains unabated.

Embracing the family ethos of the label, Nifra leans on fellow reliable stalwarts to continue the tradition of contribution to Follow Me; headlined by Daxson's anthemic 7th Dimension, the powerful bassline-driven Redline by Sean & Xander and the pointed melodies of Anske's Miami Heat; complimented by the returning outlets of GXD, Arjans and Holbrook & SkyKeeper.

The bridge between Follow Me II and III is held through Nifra's own composition Resistance; given a monstrous euphoric-techno makeover by NOMADsignal. And indeed, her admiration for label-head Markus Schulz is reflected not only through his In Search of Sunrise-composed Lisbon, but also through a revival of classic anthem Remember This by FORCES.

Follow Me III welcomes a raft of first-time contributions to the series; with Coldharbour regulars Ben McConnell and Salto Angel joined by Rub!k, Norni, Roman Messer, Mark Bester and Eugenio Tokarev.

However, family is cemented at the core of Nifra's mindset, as Enterprise by her beau Fisherman plays an integral piece within the Follow Me III story; with her own sterling work on intro piece Kepler 22b and vocal-led Getaway complimented by remixes of Christina Novelli's Numb and Super8 & Tab's Eternal Sequence.

Accumulated, Follow Me III is reflective of Nifra's trance-with-swagger adoration, and a chapter in which her ever-increasing community of Rebels will embrace.


  1. Nifra - Kepler 22B 
  2. Sean & Xander - Redline
  3. Markus Schulz - Remember This (FORCES Remix) 
  4. Nifra - Resistance (NOMADsignal Remix) 
  5. Roman Messer - My Way 
  6. Mark Bester - Love of Yesterday 
  7. Fisherman - Enterprise  
  8. Norni - Dark Star 
  9. Anske - Miami Heat 
  10. Ben McConnell - Craters In Time 
  11. Salto Angel - Victory 
  12. Christina Novelli - Numb (Nifra Remix) 
  13. Super8 & Tab - Eternal Sequence (Nifra Remix) 
  14. GXD & James Christian featuring Scar - Connected
  15. Holbrook & SkyKeeper - Stick To The Point 
  16. Eugenio Tokarev - Underwater 
  17. Rub!k - Exposed 
  18. Daxson - 7th Dimension 
  19. Nifra - Getaway
  20. Arjans - Visions 
  21. Markus Schulz - Lisbon 
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