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Michael Badal - Now That We're Human

Michael Badal - Now That We're Human

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The culmination of nearly four years in the studio with collaborators across seven cities, Michael Badal finally releases his debut album "Now That We're Human" on Black Hole Recordings.
12 progressive house and trance tracks feature the vocal talents of Jan Johnston, Sue McLaren, Haliene, Ellie Lawson, Tiff Lacey, Lotte Kestner, Shanokee, and Zoe Sky Jordan, with co-writing credits by Plumb and Shift Four, each contributing to an atmosphere that celebrates the intimacy of life. "These songs are about love, closeness, and our humanity," says the 25-year old LA native. "I hope the album brightens the listener's day, if even for a moment, and helps them realize that life is beautiful."

Tiff Lacey kicks off with "Fairy Tale," setting the pace for the record's emotional trip and Jan Johnston lends her legendary vocals to the tech trance track "Unmissable." Lead single "Human Beings" with Haliene and "Recapture" with Sue McLaren reflect moments of human resilience, while "Fly (Never Come Down Again)" with Lotte Kestner is an uplifting, fast BPM track that will have you soaring. "Blue Skies" with Shanokee infuses piano chords with fast synths and angelic vocals and Ellie Lawson captivates on "Closer," a soothing progressive tune with undertones of Ibiza beaches and sunshine.

The four instrumental tracks on "Now That We're Human" provide an orchestral feel to the album, transporting the listener on an up-and-down voyage through feelings of euphoria, melancholy, longing and revelation. Closing out the album is "The Room" with Shift Four & Zoe Sky Jordan, a smokey, ambient epilogue with lounge-inspired vocals that leaves you ready to start the journey all over again.

01. Overture
02. Fairy Tale (with Tiff Lacey)
03. Recapture (with Sue McLaren)
04. Fly (Never Come Down Again) (with Lotte Kestner)*
05. Unmissable (with Jan Johnston)
06. Closer (with Ellie Lawson)
07. Inner Sanctum
08. Organica
09. Human Beings (with Haliene)
10. Blue Skies (with Shanokee)
11. Inhale
12. The Room (with Shift Four & Zoe Sky Jordan)
* - co-written with Plumb

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