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Oliver Englafjord - Myrki Heima

Oliver Englafjord - Myrki Heima

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‘Myrki Heima’ by Oliver Englafjord is an album like no other. Its metamorphosed from late-night sonic-sketching, through YouTube beta testing on to an alias-donned/fully-fleshed 13-track body of work… 3 years in process, ‘Myrki Heima’s epic passage to album-hood culminates this July.

The by-chance brainchild of Sweden’s Marcus Schössow, ‘Myrki’s embryonic moment occurred in Iceland, a half decade ago. Blinking ‘Oliver Englafjord’ into existence, it was a trip for Schössow that went far beyond the bounds of the merely inspirational. 

A citizen of an unidentified Nordic city, Oliver’s life musings visually push through the fourth wall of ‘Myrki Heima’s music. Across a series of 5-minute accompanying film shorts, sound-tracked by the album’s audio, Englafjord half-ponders/half-narrates his life, the universe & everything. The meanings of Oliver words are initially cryptic. Only through the 4 video chapters, framed against the urban, metropolitan and bucolic Nordic locales that accompany ‘Myrki’s release, does his story become clear.

The album is in essence ‘Schössow: unbound’, a transcendental, near out-of-body producer experience, which entwines Marcus & ‘Oliver’s minds. It’s long-player that has zero to do with classification and everything to do with feel and atmosphere and ether. Downtempo, mid and up, it supplies theatre for the ear and eye, with start-to-finish cinematics and quantum drama, both mellow & melo. 

Somewhere between high concept and avant-garde/art-house, between this plane and another, Oliver exists… And so now does ‘Myrki Heima’.


01. Torshavn

02. If Grey Was The Colour Of The Sun 

03. Myrki Heima 

04. Reykur 

05. Sólsetur 

06. Vetur Ljósin 

07. The Sad And Troubled Oscillator

08. Molntus 

09. Svefnlaus

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