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Pixel Girls 2 (NTSC)

Pixel Girls 2 (NTSC)

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DVJ Vision and Black Hole Recordings have teamed up to release Pixel Girls 2, a groundbreaking new audio-visual project.  Pixel Girls 2 features eight custom visual works by director and editor Christopher Andrew, synced to brand new releases by some of the best artists on electronic dance label Black Hole Recordings.

Andrew is a tenured veteran of the VJ world, who has worked for more than eight years creating video content for DJ legend Tiësto, and has created visuals for the likes of DJ Dan, Aly & Fila, First State, Lange, and many others. With Pixel Girls, Andrew has developed a signature style, each piece a unique fantasy environment where beautiful women merge with custom graphics and animations, where footage of the natural world merges with cutting edge technology.

“The original Pixel Girls was a real game changer, because it featured videos that were optimized for the night-club, edited to original dance music tracks. As video production becomes more of an essential element in the electronic dance community, and Video-DJing establishes itself as more of an art-form, the need for such video content is growing at a rapid pace.  Traditional music-videos are too short and narrative, and the abstract screen saver style VJ loops become dated. Pixel Girls 2 offers a unique mix of live action and graphics, and a production value that is unsurpassed in the visuals arena. With this second release, Pixel Girls ups the ante with bigger audio artists (such as BT, Allure, First State, Richard Durand and Zoo Brazil) and bigger budgets for the videos, bringing in very talented models, actresses, and performers to star in the videos” says Lars Schlichting, president of DVJ Vision.

Pixel Girls can be used as a standalone DVD, played as a continuous loop along with any music in clubs, bars and other venues or remixed live as part of a DJ’s/VJ’s performance. There are no credits or logos, and at the end the DVD auto-loops back to the beginning. This makes it also perfect for non-DJ applications such as festivals and retail stores.

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