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Sunlounger - After The Afters

Sunlounger - After The Afters

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The fifth album on the VII label lands and this time takes the form of a sublime afterhours summer chillout release. Pioneering producer Sunlounger has taken a dive into the back catalogues of VII and (VII sister label) Deep In Thought and re-emerged with thirteen freshly created interpretations of their key releases.

Speaking about the conception of the project, VII head John Askew says… “The idea of doing a chillout, afterhours album with downtempo versions of key records from our back catalogues was something I’ve always wanted to do. Those big melodies that have rocked so many dancefloors around the world I could always hear in a much more laidback presentation. I was hanging out with Roger (Shah) backstage at Unkonscious Festival in Phuket a few years ago. We talked about this and he told me about his Translations series that he was working on under his much loved downtempo moniker, Sunlounger. And so from there the seed was planted and the project took flight.

What constitutes a perfect chillout album? I guess that’s subjective but for me it should be music that soothes your weary mind and body after days of partying. It should envelope you with gorgeous melodies and heart-warming tones as you float back down to planet earth. It should keep the blood flowing without ever causing you to break a sweat. It should form the perfect soundtrack to the tail end of the tail end of the afters – when it’s just the last few party revellers left. Blissful, tranquil, warm and emotional.

Roger is the master at creating these moods and you can hear how much love and positivity has been put into each of these Sunlounger versions. I’m thrilled with this album and can’t thank him enough for creating the first in what I hope could end up being a series of new chillout after hours albums on VII.


  1. Roger Shah & Yelow - Burasari (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  2. Sean Tyas & John Askew - Unkoncious (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  3. Alex Di Stefano - Above The Sky (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  4. Will Atkinson - Seventh Heaven (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  5. Orkidea - Metta (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  6. John Askew - On The Rocks (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  7. Simon Patterson featuring Lucy Pullin - Blink (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  8. Alex Di Stefano - Rip It Up (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  9. Sean Tyas - The Rhythm (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  10. Orkidea - That Feeling (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  11. Will Atkinson - Telescope (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  12. Sean Tyas & Shelby Merry - Someday (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
  13. Roger Shah & Kristina Sky featuring Emma Shaffer - Take Me Back (Sunlounger Translations Mix)
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