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Dinka - Tales Of The Sun

Dinka - Tales Of The Sun

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the queen of Progressive House; the pioneer of summerish beach anthems; a multi talent on the modern dance music horizon. Tamara “Dinka” Hunkeler brought a breath of fresh air into the house music scene and quickly gained a big fan base for her music all around the globe.

Tales Of The Sun” is her 3rd artist album. After “Temptation” in 2008 and “Hotel Summerville” in 2010, this album continues the successful and distinctive musical structure Dinka has been followed over the past four years: Magical melodies nestled into warm, atmospherical and subtly chosen beats. “I always attempt to create a musical journey for every listener”, Tamara says, “and therefore melodies are the most efficient message to join forces and bring out

the most touchy songs to

The name Dinka comes from a people in South Sudan. “I was always attracted by small people living their own cultures and fighting for their own rights.” And so Tamara’s musical home is often filled with a wide variety of popular music from varied and diverse world cultures. As a result of her cross-cultural musical exposures, Tamara can count on a bright fan base of people from all around the globe. “Maybe once music can get different people a little closer to each other”, she says.

Also on the DJ-side Tamara ain’t no blank sheet: she played out at some of the biggest clubs and festivals all around the world.

Tales of the Sun - Dinka


CD 01 Album:

01 Dinka - Motion Picture (Album Version)

02 Dinka - On The Beach (Album Version)

03 Dinka - Superstitious (Album Version)

04 Dinka feat. Julie Thompson - Radiate (Radio Mix)

05 Dinka - Campfire (Original Mix)

06 Dinka - Legends (Album Version)

07 Dinka - Great Barrier Reef (Album Version)

08 Dinka & Danny Inzerillo feat. Hadley - Reach For Me (Album Version)

09 Dinka - Fruit Of Cocoon (Album Version)

10 Dinka - Pralinato (Album Version)

11 Dinka - Don’t Hide Your Love (Original Mix)

12 Dinka feat. Civil Servants -  Along The Road (Radio Edit)

13 Dinka - Renegade (Album Version)

14 Dinka - Tales Of The Sun (Album Version)

15 Dinka - Fairy (Original Mix) CD exclusief


CD2 Continuous DJ-Mix:


01 Dinka - Campfire

02 Dinka - Motion Picture

03 Dinka - On The Beach

04 Dinka - Superstitious

05 Dinka feat. Julie Thompson - Radiate

06 Dinka - Great Barrier Reef

07 Dinka - Legends

08 Dinka - Don’t Hide Your Love

09 Dinka & Danny feat. Hadley - Reach For Me

10 Dinka - Fruit Of Cocoon

11 Dinka - Pralinato

12 Dinka feat. Civil Servants -  Along The Road

13 Dinka - Renegade

14 Dinka - Tales Of The Sun

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