Tiësto - In My Memory



Tiësto's album is strongest on the dance-floor anthems, like the minimalist progressive house number "Obsession" and the techno-trance dance piece "Dallas 4 P.M.," with its sparse, low-end synth work. The closing tack, "Suburban Train," is full of lighter, more interesting melodies, even if it does get into a bit of that Euro-trance cheesiness. He also composes a surprisingly good trip-hop track on "Battleship Gray," a tune reminiscent of Portishead, with the best vocals on the album (courtesy of the song's co-writer, Kirsty Hankshaw). In My Memory fails to connect on the opener, "Magik Journey," which starts with a nice dark ambient intro but unfortunately moves into more banal progressive trance territory. The downtempo "Close to You" grates with an overly sweet female vocal, while the hard, machine-like noisiness of "Flight 643" simply doesn't work. This one goes out strictly to the fans. If you're not already one, you may want to wait for the singles.
1. Magick Journey
2. Close To You (featuring Jan Johnston)
3. Dallas 4 PM
4. In My Memory (featuring Nicola Hitchcock)
5. Obsession (featuring Junkie XL)
6. Battleship Grey (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)
7. Flight 643
8. Lethal Industry
9. Suburban Train

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