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Betsie Larkin - All We Have Is Now

Betsie Larkin - All We Have Is Now

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"When I was looking for collaborators for my last artist album I listened to literally hundreds of vocalist/songwriters (known and unknown) and the beautiful, dreamy, lush vocals and insightful, intelligent and captivating lyrics of Betsie Larkin completely blew me away. I knew that she was special"

Ferry Corsten

Betsie Larkin’s debut electronic dance album, All We Have Is Now, is finally here.
The first single, also titled ‘All We Have Is Now’, produced by Finnish duo Super8 & Tab, sent waves through the dance music community shooting up the Beatport and Music Week Club charts.
Talks of Betsie’s album started with DJ/producer Ferry Corsten, soon after the release of his album ‘Twice In A Blue Moon’, for which Betsie was featured on two tracks (‘Made of Love’ and ‘Feel You’).

Betsie reached out to a list of heavy-hitters in the EDM scene and crafted a song or two with each producer. The result is twelve songs that successfully fuse each producer’s unique style with Betsie’s signature songwriting and vocals.Betsie described the process of working with ten producers on her album; ‘This was an ambitious project, to say the least, but so rewarding in the end. It was really fun experiencing all of the different processes for writing.

With some we started from one of my older alternative rock songs. In others I would lay down a very minimal piano with a vocal and let the producer create music around the idea.I only started from a producer’s instrumental on one track, which was ‘The Offering’ with Sied van Riel. The real fun was in sending off a rough version of something I had written,and seeing how it came back to me after a few weeks with the producer. These guys are incredible at what they do, and working with them was a blast!’.The producers include John O’Callaghan, Ferry Corsten, Super8 & Tab, Lange, Rafaël Frost, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied van Riel, Bobina and Bjorn Akesson.

Upcoming single, ‘The Dream’, produced by John O’Callaghan has everything required of a dance anthem. Energetic and driving, it soars into the chorus, and delivers at every turn.Betsie’s voice cuts through with her trademark strong messaging; ‘I keep chasing the dream. I keep chasing the fire inside me. Throw the map on the street. We’ll find out where this fire was meant to lead…’


1. The Dream (with John O'Callaghan)
2. Stars (with Ferry Corsten)
3. All We Have Is Now (with Super8 & Tab)
4. Obvious (with Lange)
5. Made Of Love [Made With love Rework] (with Rafaël Frost)
6. Breathe You In (with Solarstone)
7. The Flicker Inside
8. Toys (with Guiseppe Ottaviani)
9. The Offering (with Sied van Riel)
10. Let It Shine (with Bjorn Akesson)
11. Belong To Me (with Bobina)
12. The Dream (with John O'Callaghan) (Ambient Mix)
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