Giuseppe Ottaviani - Horizons (Vinyl)

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Of the album, and indeed ‘Horizons’ as a whole, Giuseppe commented that … “making this has been as satisfying as any major project I’ve undertaken. I’m delighted with how it turned out and I know there isn’t a single track across its eighteen that I won’t stand by in twenty years’ time. I knew there would be more of a challenge to making it … but looking back I’m not sure I anticipated to quite what degree. With some things in life though, it’s just better not to know!


Side A

  1. With You (with Monika Santucci)
  2. Hero (with Dan Soleil)
  3. Something I Can Dream About (with April Bender)
  4. Fade Away (with Mila Josef)
  5. The Wind in Your Face

Side B

  1. Replay (with Natalie Shay)
  2. Colour Me (with Jan Burton)
  3. Fahrenheit
  4. Tree of Souls (with Hypaton)

 Side C

  1. Closer (with Christian Burns)
  2. Melody (with Sarah de Warren)
  3. Keep You Safe (wih Richard Walters)
  4. Under Dark Skies
  5. Bittersweet (with Katrine Stenbekk)

Side D

  1. Silhouettes & Outlines (with Jess Ball)
  2. Celsius
  3. Freedom (with Sue McLaren)
  4. Won’t Matter Much (with Treetalk)

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