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Space Raven & Nick The Kid - Hard Trance Europe

Space Raven & Nick The Kid - Hard Trance Europe

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Hard Trance Europe, a fresh and vibrant concept straight out of London that has been gaining huge momentum since its inception in 2017, boldly-garnering quality artists and music from the tougher end of the Trance music spectrum. With an ever-growing fan base through their UK events and weekly releases, HTE is now more a diverse collective and a group voice, rather than just another label serving a specific figurehead.  As a result, the quality of output has been absolutely on fire, with interest from artists now at fever pitch to get their own music onto HTE and become a part of the revolution. 

Raising the bar for 2018, Hard Trance Europe Volume One drops like a New Zealand plate movement, encompassing 27 harder-edged and serotonin inducing weapons carefully selected by seasoned curators Space Raven and Nick The Kid. With key HTE highlights such as HP Source’s Beatport chart-smashing ‘What U Think?!’ S.H.O.K.K’s uber-nostalgic ‘Da Capo’, The DJ Mag praised ‘Ascension’ from Lab4 and exclusive unreleased earthquakes such as; Wavetraxx’s 2018 remix of ‘Dreams’ and what we believe to be the biggest vocal Hard Trance release of the last decade, Andrea Montorsi’s ‘2Night’, this double CD album will captivate fans of harder-trance music from the off, effortlessly engaging those that like their euphoria a little bit rougher around the edges.  

Not content with just exhibiting the very best of HTE, the doors are fully blown open across both discs with a myriad of bangin’ artillery also present from the likes of Alex Di Stefano, Sean Tyas, Nicholson, Mark Sherry, Scot Project and more, making this a very authentic representation of the harder sounds that Europe has to offer. 

Hard Trance Europe ‘’ Break the rules more often and you’ll gain a huge advantage over those too afraid to risk it. ‘’

Space Raven

It's been well over a decade since Space Raven hit the scene by storm. After countless tracks and remixes released on some of the most prestigious labels in the industry, the French production power-house continues to output some of the most influential Trance music to date. His latest smash singles such as "Samantha”, “Konstantine”, or "Told In a Whisper" (vs. Wavetraxx on Hard Trance Europe Records) are of course no exception, with Space Raven currently being one of the most in demand remixers and producers out there. 

More than just a producer, Nicolas Perrottey is a seasoned DJ, having had the opportunity to tour all over the world in his younger years and ever since. "The Raven" has graced the stages at enviable events and clubs such as; Lake Parade (Geneva, Switzerland), MAD (Lausanne, Switzerland), Synergy (Zurich, Switzerland), Pacha (London, UK), Le Spinx (Charmes, France), and many more besides. By mixing the very first Hard Trance Europe compilation, Space Raven takes us direct into his world. A world made of fresh and inimitable uplifting Hard Trance, all of it perfectly crafted and blended together by a man clearly inspired more than ever by this unique style of art. A sensational 60 minutes of driving and energetic euphoria and a perfect kick-start for our compilation series! 

Nick The Kid

Currently toasting 20 years in the game, when it comes to Hard Trance, Nick The Kid is a name that has never been far away. Championing European artists and sounds since the late 90’s, not only in his sets but also at his own respected UK club night ‘Hindsight’. An institution that is currently celebrating its 19th anniversary and continues to sell out events time and time again, whilst still attracting clubbers from all over the country. 

Nick has taken his trademark uplifting harder-trance sound onto the global stage, appearing at diverse events worldwide and an enviable list of destinations that include; Australia, Asia, Ibiza, Italy, Ireland and of course the UK. With his chameleon-like approach to music in general, Nick has successfully crossed boundaries and conquered the main stages of elite Trance clubs such as; Cream Amnesia (Ibiza), Judgement Sundays (Ibiza), The Gallery Ministry of Sound (London), Godskitchen (Birmingham), Goodgreef (Bristol), Trance Sanctuary (London), Hard Kandy (Melbourne), and Rehab (Sydney) to name but a few. Enthusiastically championing the tougher end of the Trance music spectrum within his sets. 

Seamlessly fusing over 60 minutes of European flavours from the HTE catalogue, Nick has selected not only some of his biggest tracks from 2017, but also exclusive new material destined for the label. With a HTE World Tour on the cards, HTE UK events incoming and a relentless release schedule for the label, 2018 looks set to be Nick The Kid’s busiest year of them all. 


Disc 1 - Mixed by Space Raven  

01. Phutek - 1307 Dimension  

02. Neuroma Seroma - Opening (Original Dub Mix) 

03. Space Raven - Leaving Trains & Goodbyes 

04. Space Raven & S5 - Dream State 

05. Space Raven vs. Wavetraxx - Told In A Whisper (Space Raven Remix) 

06. Nick The Kid & RDK - Flight Path (Venetica Remix) 

07. Nick The Kid & Louk - Dreams (Tempestarii Remix) 

08. Wavetraxx - Cosmos 

09. S.H.O.K.K. - Da Capo 

10. Nick The Kid & Mark Hashimi - Half Breed 

11. Daniel Doering - Andromeda 

12. Nick The Kid & Jake Nicholls - The Looking Glass 

Disc 2 - Mixed by Nick The Kid

01. Sean Tyas - Unleash (Alex Di Stefano Remix) 

02. Ali Wilson & Chris North - Wanna Play 

03. HP Source - What U Think?!  

04. Megamind - Taub (Mark Sherry Remix)

05. Quench - Dreams (Nicholson's Cathedral Remix) 

06. S.H.O.K.K. - Derecho (Guy Alexander Remix) 

07. Lab4 - Ascension 

08. The Sixth Sense - Distorted Soul

09. Wavetraxx - I AM 

10. Nick The Kid & Louk - Dreams 2018 (S.H.O.K.K Remix)

11 SystemShock - Not Alone (Nick The Kid & S.H.O.K.K. Remix) 

12. Nick The Kid & Ed Lynam - Flatliners  

13. Scot Project - W5

14. Nick The Kid & Rowetta - Time - Renegade System Remix 

15. Andrea Montorsi - 2Night 

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