Into The Dawn

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Into the Dawn, the Hits, Disconnected.

Call it the flipside to JES's 2007 release Disconnect. Into the Dawn began while writing songs for Disconnect, Jes always liked the intimacy and space of the breakdown versions of the songs.
She started to get some CHILLOUT remixes together, adding a few brand new songs along the way, and it grew into this collection of Smooth Chill that could only be called Inot the Dawn.


01. Heaven (Mon Remix)
02. Around You (Jukibe Remix)
03. It's You I Need
04. Like A Waterfall (Flipside Ambient Remix)
05. Into The Dawn
06. Imagination (Richard Robson Remix)
07. Blind
08. Wish You Were Here
09. In Ohm (Lime Chill Remix)
10. Breakin Me
11. Ghost (Lime Chill Remix)
12. As The Rush Comes (Hamptons Chills Remix)

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