Kiss From The Past: The Remix Album

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Tijs Verwest’s enigmatic Allure act has always been wrapped in a more or less mysterious veil. Often combined with the pre-form “Tiësto Presents", the Allure moniker stood for classic hit singles like “When She Left”, “Rejected”, “No More Tears” and “The Loves We Lost” that assailed charts globally. Many, however, felt that the 2008 single "Power of You", featuring the vocals of Christian Burns was Allure’s final cut.

Finally, or rather out of the blue, there was the 2011 release of the Allure album "Kiss From The Past"; a full no-holds barred 14-track packed long-player, instantly reviving interest in Allure. Highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike, the album saw incredible success all over the world and sky rocketed to the highest regions of the charts with hit-singles like "On The Wire" featuring Christian Burns, "Show Me The Way" featuring JES, "Stay Forever" featuring Emma Hewitt, "You Say It'll Be Okay" featuring Jeza and the instrumental "I Am". Hammered for months by the likes of Markus Schulz, Ronski Speed, Jochen Miller, Andy Moor, Jorg Zimmer, Lange, T.O.M., Giuseppe Ottaviani, Kyau & Albert and many, many others, it was clear that Allure still had the full attention of electronic dance world.

"Kiss From The Past - Remixed" features the original 14 album cuts, now remixed by tyDi, Mike Shiver, Nitrous Oxide, Pulser, W&W, Lange, Akira Kayosa, Sied van Riel and many more. All versions expand from Allure's well known sound, with respectively electro and progressive house elements.


1. Show Me The Way (featuring JES) (tyDi Remix)
2. September Sun (Mike Shiver presents M.I.S.H. Remix)
3. Stay Forever (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
4. Coming Light (Pulser Remix)
5. On The Wire (featuring Christian Burns) (W&W Remix)
6. Mariestad (featuring Henrik B.) (Kiholm & Kris O'Neil Remix)
7. Kiss From The Past (Santi Taos Remix)
8. My Everything (featuring Kate Miles) (Juventa Club Mix)
9. I Am (Sied van Riel Remix)
10. I'm Home (featuring Lindsey Ray) (Estiva Remix)
11. Guilty Pleasures (Julius Beat & Olbaid Remix)
12. No Goodbyes (featuring Emma Hewitt) (Lange Remix)
13. Peace (Akira Kayosa Remix)
14. You Say It’ll Be Okay (featuring Jeza) (Daniel Wanrooy & Mark Green Remix)

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