Tiësto - Magik 2 (Story of the Fall)

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Magik Two: Story of the Fall is the second album in the Magik series by well known trance DJ and producer Tiësto, who, at the time of the album's release was known as DJ Tiësto; the album was released on Tiësto's Black Hole record label. As with the rest of the Magik series, the album is a live turntable mix.

01. Return to Tazmania [Re-Fresh EP]
02. Fortunes [Vox] - Dominion
03. Rejected - Allure
04. Domino Runner - VDM
05. Planetary - HH
06. Cry for Love - Clear View
07. Stand By
08. Bell Song [Lakme Dub] - Malcolm McLaren
09. 1998 - Binary Finary
10. Elevate - Dos Deviants
11. Dwanbraker - Luke Cage
12. Water [Phase III] - Taucher
13. I Love the Music - Groovezone
14. Trancestors [Original Mix] - Lord of Tranz
15. Earth - Hammock Brothers
16. Subspace Interference - Control Freaks

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